Google Hangouts Update Leads the Way as Google Preps its Apps for Android N

Google Hangouts

Android N is already on the loose and just like other Android developers are rushing in to test and update their apps in readiness to this mobile operating system, Google is also updating its collection too.

The current Developer preview version is far from being complete. Some great features such as split-view multitasking and quick replies are expected, but there is no guarantee that all the currently available features of Android N will be available in the final version.

Even at this developer preview stage, Google is also keeping pace with the rest of the developer world. The company is rolling out updates to its applications so as to get them ready for the new version of Android OS.

Google Hangouts 8.0 was the first to see the light and for now, it only brings updates associated to the latest OS. Though Hangouts 7.0 came in with the quick reply feature, the latest version will probably be the first to show up how the new Android N does it. In addition, this newly launched Hangouts 8.0 brings to the fold the bundled notifications feature that is expected in the new OS.

Just like Android Lollipop’s material design gave apps a different look and feel, Android N does the same, picking up from where Android Marshmallow left. There are some amazing tweaks the OS adds to the looks on the screen, which means an all-new experience.

Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and Google Photos betas on the way

Now that Google Hangouts has already rolled out a beta version meant for the Android N preview, other Google-owned apps are expected to start showing up in beta form. Major apps such as Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and Google Photos will start rolling out beta versions so that they can be tested with the new Android N OS. This is the same story as far as third-party developers are concerned.

Google Hangouts

More coming from Android N

As mentioned earlier, the current Android N developer preview version brings quite a lot. However, it cannot be guaranteed that everything it has will be available in the stable version. Still, it already has brought things like better battery management, improved notifications in addition to the aforementioned multitasking ability.

Google launched an Android Beta Program where anyone with a compatible Nexus or Pixel C device can get it. However, be warned that this version is still in beta and such; it might be prone to crashing and bugs, which makes it a little unstable.

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