Google Increases Gmail Attachment Size Limit to 50MB, but there’s a Catch


Gmail is the most popular email service provider out there but up until now, the platform only allows users to send and receive attachments of just 25MB and below.

While it is true that email wasn’t really meant to handle huge files being attached to the regular messages, there are quite a number of email service providers that currently support more than what Gmail has to offer. This, however, is as a result of incremental upgrades that have taken decades to implement. It is no wonder Google has decided to make a small tweak to its service in order to stay competitive in the market.

Apparently, the search engine giant will be rolling out an update to all Gmail users – an update that will increase the file attachment size limit to 50MB, however, there’s a catch. This increment only works on files being received, but the attachment size limit for outgoing files remains at 25MB. If at all you really need to use Google’s services to send larger files of up to 5TB, the company still insists that Google Drive is the way to go.


What Google has done is to try and open up Gmail so that users can be able to receive email attachments from other similar service providers that support larger file sizes being sent along with messages. Even though many would have preferred if Google would have pushed the update to both sides of the application, looking at it from another angle, it somehow makes sense for Google to limit these attachments.

As you may know, the free package for all Gmail users comes with 15GB of storage. If you happen to include huge attachments in your messages or constantly receive similar sizes from friends, it won’t be long before this free space is filled up. If anything, it is advisable that you try and limit your attachments and as noted earlier, you can use Google Drive for much larger files.

This feature should be rolling out to all Gmail users in the coming days.

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