Google I/O Event 2017, 17th to 19th May : Speculating on What’s in Store!

Android O

Google’s annual I/O event is coming up from the 17th to 19th May, where it will reveal the latest software and services for users to check out.

This year is not going to be any different and just as it is with the BUILD events of Microsoft or the WWDC of Apple, the Google I/O concerns new software and services. Here is what you can expect from the upcoming event.

Android O

Android Version O

This is the most obvious software that is to be expected at the upcoming Google I/O event. Google will be talking about the next Android OS after Nougat, the Android O. It will be the latest and upcoming update for the Android OS, but the version name and number have not yet been revealed. Some of the features that are expected on the upcoming Android version have already been revealed after the release of the developer preview, but Google will offer a formal introduction of the Android O at the Google I/O event.


Android Auto represents Google’s entry into Android versions for the automobile segment, for cars and will offer information and entertainment to the auto segment. Google has already offered several features for this platform, namely the integration of Waze in the Android Auto. Google will probably offer more information on this front during the I/O event.

Android Wear

This topic might prove to be a little sensitive for Google. Android Wear 2.0 was introduced in the Google I/O event last year, but the update was released only some months back, due to some problems. The Android Wear 2.0 update is still a fresh one, so Google might not even talk about the next update that is the Android Wear 3.0, at this juncture.

Chrome Operating System

A major upgrade offered for the Google Chrome OS, is that it can now run Android applications. There are rumors claiming that Google will be combining the Chrome OS with Android in a single platform. However, Google has denied these rumors, with Hiroshi Lockheimer of Google mentioning that the two platforms are very successful on their own, so merging them is not on the cards. Google had mentioned earlier on this year that the Chrome OS might be offered in additional forms, so the Google I/O will probably have some news in this regard.

Home And Google Assistant

Google Home got launched in 2016, so we might possibly hear about its successor this year at the upcoming Google I/O. Amazon has launched an improved Echo speaker, with the Echo Show feature added to it, allowing for touchscreen displays. In order to keep up with the competition, Google might be offering a smaller and updated Home version, which can possibly have touch sensitivity features as well.

Google has recently integrated its voice Assistant, Google Assistant, with several Google applications and services. Google could offer more information about the future of its assistant in the I/O.

Android Apps Chrome


Google’s Pixel phones of 2016 were the first mobile phones that were Daydream ready, so it is likely that this year Google will reveal additional partners launching smartphones that are Daydream ready. Google has also recently acquired Owlchemy Labs, so there might be more news in store regarding software as well as hardware.