Google Keyboard for Android Devices Adds One-Handed Use and Other Goodies

Google Keyboard

The world is eagerly waiting for the release of Android N, however, before this, the search engine giant has pushed a new Google Keyboard for Android devices.

With the latest version of Google Keyboard, those with small hands will have more to smile about as the update brings the one-handed operation to the app. This is a good thing for those who own huge devices with display sizes of 6 5.5 inches and above. It might at times get cumbersome for those with 5-inch devices and smaller hands as well, but with the new Android Keyboard, Google wants to bring ease of use to phablets when typing.

There is no doubt that smartphones with huge displays are the best when it comes to watching videos, browsing the web or even great at photography, however, they can be terrible when typing comes into play. This is where the new Google Keyboard comes into play. Available for free via the official Google Play Store, this app is very easy to use once installed.

All you need is to long press the comma key on the keyboard and a green phone-in-hand icon will show up on the screen. When you slide up to it, the Google Keyboard will squeeze over the right. If you are left handed, however, there is still room to pin the keyboard on the left. Cool huh!

Google Keyboard

If you’ve ever found yourself in a position where you have to twist your arm in order to reach out the keys on the edge of the open keyboard, this is the time you should head to the Play Store and download this new Google Keyboard. You no longer have to worry about accidentally dropping your phablet when pecking at emails using a single hand. Despite the miniature nature of the one-handed version of the keyboard, it is still possible to use gestures to type while keeping the huge device steadily held in your hand.

If you feel the shrunk down version of the Google Keyboard is too small or too large, there is room to adjust the height via the settings of the app. There is also room to change the appearance of the keys by turning the borders around them on or off. There are lots of nifty features and tweaks that you can apply to this keyboard and make it more perfect and tailored towards your needs.

The Google Keyboard is available for all Android devices running on at least v4.0 and above.

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