Google Launches Investigations into Latest Pixel and Pixel XL Battery Problems

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Google Pixel and Pixel XL might be the best-selling Google phones ever, but the two are not short of their own woes.

According to the latest reports, the two phones are experiencing issues that look so familiar – the phones automatically shut down even when there is still enough battery juice to last for hours. The reports have been seen on Google’s forums as well as the likes of Reddit, something that is also happening with last year’s Google Nexus 6P.

Apparently, those affected with the issue claim that the Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones batteries drain from 30% to 0% in no time, thus causing the phones to shut down. Other than the Google Nexus 6P, the likes of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S have also been experiencing this same problem, leading to what has been branded the #battarygate issue.

Google has instructed those using the Nexus 6P to simply call the Google Store support team for further help on this matter, but it has not yet come up with a solution to the same problem. Now that the Google Pixel and Pixel XL are also experiencing the same issue, the company has urged affected users to remain patient as it looks into the matter, with more information on the same expected to come out sooner than later.

It appears that those experiencing the problem on Google Nexus 6P are mostly users of the latest Android Nougat OS – an OS that came preinstalled on the two Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones. However, Google has refused to concede that the Nexus 6P battery issue has anything to do with its own software. But following the latest Pixel and Pixel XL battery drain issues, it is possible that a bug in Android Nougat could be to blame.

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As noted earlier, Apple has the same problem with a series of iPhones and if this Google Pixel and Pixel XL issue persists, comparisons should start coming in between the two companies. Cupertino has been rolling out software updates to try and address the issue as the iPhone maker also insists that this has nothing to do with its hardware. On the contrary, several Google Nexus 6P users facing the problem have reported that a battery switch has helped take care of the problem, an indicator that a hardware problem could be behind this battery issue.

Whether Google Pixel and Pixel XL cases will be solved via a software update or not is still unknown, but hopefully, the Mountain View comes in with a viable solution before everything gets out of control.

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