Google Maps Version 4.23.0 for iOS Allows Uploading Photos with Reviews and Other Redesigned Gizmos

Google Maps 4.23.0 Redesigned Widgets

Recently, Google Maps had introduced many adjustments in its design, including the new feature of ‘Are of Interest’ and also with the ability to add many destinations at the same time.

And now there comes another update for Google Maps to its iOS users. The updated Google Maps version 4.23.0 allows the users to upload photos along with their reviews. Other new additions to the latest update include features like improved widgets for ‘Travel Times’ and ‘Nearby Transit’. Another new feature is the introduction of descriptions, which can give the users all the information about the visiting place, including the amenities, atmosphere, etc.

Google Maps 4.23.0 for iOS

Uploading Photos While Reviewing Places

The updated version 4.23.0 of Google Maps for iOS will now allow the users to upload photos of the concerned places while they are reviewing them in Maps. This will help in providing a visual reference for the travelers who can then analyze their travel route in a better way. The update will also be displaying an even more detailed description of the place like the atmosphere, amenities, and other such features.

Google Maps 4.23.0 allow upload photos with Reviews

Other Redesigned Widgets

The new update has also brought with it updates regarding the Travel Times and the Nearby Transit features that have been redesigned. To recall, Nearby Transit is a gizmo that helps the users to know where the nearby public transport will be available. The Travel Times tool shows the amount of time that will be taken by the user to travel from one location to another. This Travel Time gives the estimated time by taking the real-time traffic also into account.

The iOS-based users of Google Maps can now add a detailed account of the different places. Google is looking forward to expanding its archive of information from around the world and in the course, it is now supporting information like the atmosphere of a particular place as well as the amenities that will be available in that place. The latest update of Google Maps version 4.23.0 has also brought with it a few iOS 10 optimizations.

This new update will be rolled out over-the-air and if the iOS 10 users have not yet received it yet, then they can try to download the latest version of Google Maps from the App Store. The size of the updated file is almost 67.7 MB.

Google Maps 4.23.0 Redesigned Widgets

Previously, Google Maps was updated with a few features which allowed the users to add multiple destinations while touring. The users can also add pit-stops on their traveling route and the maps will segregate them into different points A, B, and so on. This feature comes handily when the users have to get in there to make a tour around the areas which might have multiple stops. After the user feeds in all the pit stops, Google Maps will go down the line and fix upon a route to visit all the destinations that the user has desired in the order and will begin navigating.

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