Google Nexus 6P battery issues are the reason many are ditching the phone

Google Lawsuit Over Nexus 6P

Carriers have made us believe that a smartphone should be replaced after two years of use. Well, the Google Nexus 6P has been around for two years and if this notion is true, many should be upgrading to a newer phone, perhaps the OG Pixels or the new Pixel 2. But it’s not. Really!

How about if your Google Nexus 6P is still in great shape? Do you really need to replace it with a newer phone? This will depend on your personal preferences, but as it is, the Nexus 6P hasn’t been giving some people so many options.

Over the past year or so, many users of the Huawei-made smartphone have had to deal with a number of issues, among them the dreaded bootloop. At some point, a “cure” was found for the bootloop issue, but this did not take away all the other problems that have been affecting the Google Nexus 6P. It’s true some people are still enjoying the best of performances from the 6P, but others are going through hell.

Looking at the many Nexus 6P forums out there, it’s becoming obvious that most of those people ditching the phone in favor of a new Google Pixel or Pixel 2 handset are doing so primarily because of the 6P’s battery issues. In addition to the bootloop issues, the 6P has also been suffering from battery issues. Random reboots have become the order of the day for some, even when the battery is still at 80% and above.

This problem was noted before Android Oreo came out, but some users of the Google Nexus 6P are reporting that things have worsened since the update to Oreo. Before Oreo, the phone would work for an hour or two for some, but after Oreo, it only works for a few minutes and it goes off. Google has been great with offering replacement units and refunds for affected persons, but even some of these replacement units end up suffering from these issues.

Some people have had successful RMAs with Google, but this is only true for those living in the U.S. or rather those who bought the Google Nexus 6P directly from Google. Given that the phone is also outside its warranty period, getting the company to take care of the issue is another problem, which is why many are opting for an upgrade rather than start chasing around after Google and Huawei.

As noted earlier, there are other issues that may force current Nexus 6P users to ditch the phone, but most people are making the shift primarily due to battery issues of the phone.

What reason did you have to switch from the Google Nexus 6P other than the battery? Let us know in your comments below.

2 thoughts on “Google Nexus 6P battery issues are the reason many are ditching the phone”

  1. Bought my Nexus 6P used earlier this year. I had issues with the phone shutting down due to low battery when it said it was still at 40 to 50% left. Went to local phone fix it store and they quoted $180 to change battery. I studied youtube videos on how to change a battery. Bought a new battery on eBay and changed it without problems. All is good for another year at least!

  2. My Nexus 6p originally had to be repaired for failing speakers after just over a year of use. This was done under warranty, a couple of months later I got bootloop. Huawei took the phone back and sent me a Mate 9 as a replacement because they say they no longer get parts within Europe to repair the phone.

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