Google Nexus 6P Heavily Discounted on Newegg for End of July Sale

Google Nexus 6P

Just recently, Google came in with a huge Nexus 6P discount on its official online Store. This move saw the 2015 flagship drop by up to $100, which is a move the search engine made for its back to school offer.

To follow it up, has come in with a similarly lucrative offer that sees the price of the Google Nexus 6P drop massively from $699.99 to $499.99. This means that you get to save a whole $200 with this deal. The discount is available for both the base model and the 64GB variant, with the latter now listed for $559.99, down from $739.99, a buy that leaves you with $180.

Unfortunately, the current Nexus 6P deal at Newegg only applies for the gold color variant of the handset. However, the current price is the same as what Google Store is now selling the same phone for. In short, if you want any other color variant apart from what Newegg has to offer, there is always the option of shopping for the phone from the Google Store.

Google Nexus 6P

Looming Nexus 2016 release

As noted earlier, Google is discounting the Nexus 6P as part of a back to school promotion, however, the obvious reason behind this move is the Nexus 2016 release. The successor to last year’s flagship has already leaked severally and is expected to be here in a few weeks’ time. What this means is that the current stock has to be cleared in readiness for the new models. This, as usual with every year, involves massive discounts and offers, including BOGO, on numerous devices. This is the stage where the Nexus 6P has reached.

If you get the phone from Newegg, there is even more for you. The digital store will be offering a gift card, a selfie stick as well as a clear case along with the Nexus 6P. This means that you not only get a discounted handset but also save up to $50 worth of accessories.

You can check out the official Newegg website for this deal and many others currently on offer.

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