Google Offers Free Play Music Subscription – Celebrating the 4th of July with a Sweet Deal

Google Offers Free Play Music

Search giant, Google, is offering a free subscription to its subscribers for Play Music and the YouTube Red for a period of 4 months. This offer is by way of its celebration of the 4th of July.

Subscription Details

Normally, the subscription for complete access to Play Music is around $9.99 per month. With such a subscription, the subscriber can access the complete music library and also access the YouTube Red, which was launched recently. Users are allowed a free subscription for four months to Play Music, which means that the deal is offering users $40 of free subscription. However, after the lapse of the four months, they will have to pay a monthly fee of $9.99 as usual.

Google Play Music and YouTube Red

Google Play Music is a Google app that can be accessed in more than fifty countries all over the world. The app enables the user to stream a song through their Android or iOS devices and also through Web interfaces. However, the All Access feature of Google Play Music is not available in some countries, such as India, probably on account of some license issues.

Google Play Music

YouTube Red is a recently launched app, which was rolled out last year. It is offered in the US and also in Australia and New Zealand. The app enables access to videos that are ad free. Users can also access new and original series or movies from the best YouTubers. Users of the application can download a video to their mobile device and play music in the background while making use of another mobile application on their phones.

Independence Day Celebrations

Google has rolled out the offer for its Independence Day celebrations. It is available only for users in the US. In addition, any current subscriber will not be able to avail it, as it is only applicable for a new subscriber. It is also not applicable to a user, if he or she had subscribed and paid for the services previously and had later discontinued it. The offer also does not include any Family plan. The Family plan will be available for the user after the four months of free subscription is over.

Sweet Deal

Even earlier, Google had offered many such generous trials offers for the YouTube Red and the Play Music services. There was an offer for three months at just $1. However, the offer this 4th of July is the sweetest. It is a great treat in store for new subscribers. After acquiring Songza in the year 2014, the Play Music service has proved to be a formidable competitor to another popular service Spotify as well as several other competitors. The playlists are topical and the music discovery feature is decent. It is worth the subscription amount of $9.99 per month, especially for those who don’t wish to see the advertisements on YouTube. If you are considering using this service, there is no better time than this to sign up for the service and get 4 months of free subscription in the bargain.

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