Google Photos Gets a Minor Yet Handy New Feature

Google Photos

Google Photos have been the go to place to store all your photos, receipts and everything you have captured using your phone camera.

With millions of Android phone users around the world, it is no wonder people end up saving all their photographs over the Google Drive. It is best known as Photos which hardly have any sort of organizing feature. Everything that is captured will be saved in the folder and will simply be listed based on the date they were saved.

Google Photos

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft among many other companies have their own way of allowing people to organize the drive. We definitely expected something more from the people at Google Photos because they always come up with innovative things that makes our life easier. However, they have come up with a very minor feature which was earlier spotted in the teardown of the app.

The app now has an archive feature using which you can segregate all the pictures and push them to the save folder. There is no way to hide them from the albums or the other folders. You can choose to activate this feature by heading to the archive menu from the list of photos or the overflow menu. It can be found when you browse through the saved photos and when you do so, you can choose to select them all at once. When you choose them again within the archive menu, it pops up with an option named unarchive which will remove them from that particular folder and bring it back to the main menu.

Google Photos Gets New Feature

The good news is that there is no need to update the Google Photos app in order to experience this feature as it has been made available already. It was hidden for a long time and the developers have now decided to bring it to their users. It may not be truly helpful but will be handy when you like to hide bills or other captured items that are not immediately required. For example, all the old receipts that you have captured for future reference can now be pushed to the archive so that you don’t have to see them again.

A better feature is what Google Photos need. Let’s hope the developers are listening and try to bring in more ways for their users to organize their photos rather than having to run through so many scrolls before they find what they need.