Is the Google Pixel 2 good enough for iPhone users to switch to Android?

Google Pixel 2 vs iPhone 8

Google sent Apple and the rest of the flagship smartphone industry a message with the launch of the Pixel back in 2016. But the message is now even clearer thanks to the Google Pixel 2, a phone that was launched in October.

For years, Apple has dominated the American smartphone industry and there’s no doubt that the iPhone deserves all the credit. Right from the build, performance and support, the iPhone gets nearly everything right, something that made Google’s step into the flagship market even tougher.

When the Pixel and Pixel XL were unveiled, some labeled the pair as the Android iPhones. This wasn’t just because of the build, but Google’s take on Android is nearly the same as what Apple’s iOS offers. You end up with devices that are smooth in performance, have guaranteed software updates and are backed by companies that can be trusted.

With this in mind, the Google Pixel 2 is even better. The device is now smoother and more powerful thanks to the Snapdragon 835 processor that is paired with 4GB RAM. Like Apple’s iPhone, the 64GB and 128GB of internal storage options are not expandable. Due to pressure from Android OEMs, Apple launched the Plus version, but since the company retains its original idea of what an ideal size of a smartphone should be, the smaller 4.7-inch variant has enjoyed life in a segment that is not so competitive.

There aren’t so many small-screen smartphones that offer top-notch specs that are nearly equal to their high-end counterparts. The iPhone 8, for instance, uses the same performance hardware as the iPhone 8 Plus, only that it’s smaller in size. If size and raw power are what have always kept you glued to the smaller iPhone, the Google Pixel 2 is even better, only that it runs Android.

Putting the Android and iOS debate aside, the Google Pixel 2 is the phone anyone coming from iOS would love to have, with the only thing you’ll probably miss on the other side being Apple’s iMessage. With the Pixel 2, all-round performance is as smooth as what has become the iPhone’s identity, but there’s more on this phone.

Today, many people look at a phone’s camera quality before they buy it. If camera quality is your primary concern, the Google Pixel 2 won’t disappoint you in any way. The phone picked up from where the OG Pixel left and gets even better with the addition of optical image stabilization and Portrait Mode, a feature that is common with dual-lens cameras.

Google Pixel 2 vs iPhone 8

Perhaps you might miss out on the convenience of unlocking your phone when on a desk using the front-mounted Touch ID, but the Pixel 2’s position isn’t bad either/. You can be sure your phone will be unlocked by the time it gets out of your pocket, which is also another convenience of having the sensor on the back. In addition to using the usual voice commands to launch the Google Assistant, the Pixel 2 has a niftier way of doing things, where you only have to squeeze the edges and that’s all. Cool huh!

A bonus of having the Google Pixel 2 as your daily driver over any iPhone is Google Project Fi, which is one of the most affordable MVNOs in the country. With Fi services, you can be sure to save a lot on your monthly phone plan compared to using other carriers and it gets even better because you can bring your family and friends on board with Fi’s group plan.

So, do you think the Google Pixel 2 is good enough for you to switch from iOS to Android? Let us know in your comments below.

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