Google Pixel 2 Rumors – Do You Want Smaller Bezels than the Google Pixel and Pixel XL?

Google Pixel 2

The Google Pixel 2 is coming later this year and given the great start to life the Pixel and Pixel XL have had, the search engine giant has an uphill task in ensuring that the successor to the original Pixel is indeed worth it.

There’s no arguing against the fact that bezels have served their rightful purpose over the years, but now that we are having different designs for smartphones where screens are getting bigger and bigger with each release, keeping the same bezels’ size would end up making these devices unimaginable huge.

It is true that bezels have a role they play, including housing a number of parts, among them the home button, fingerprint scanner, physical navigation buttons, selfie camera, earpiece as well as a bunch of sensors. However, the current state of technology has meant that many smartphone OEMs (and buyers) no longer see the need to have bezels on a phone.

Over the years, smartphone bezels have been growing smaller and smaller with each release. One perfect example is Samsung, which will this week unveil a totally new design for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ to follow in the footsteps of the Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy Note 7. These two phones have no bezels on the sides, but thy have them on the top and bottom ends. While this same design has been retained for the S8 and S8+, the top and bottom bezels have greatly been reduced in size when compared to the 2016 handsets.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

It is the new technology of curved screens that has enabled Samsung to come in with almost bezel-less devices, something that has gotten many smartphone fans wishing for the same as far as their favorite OEM is concerned. LG answered to the calls with the G6, which has much smaller bezels on all four sides when compared to the LG G5. Rumor has it that Apple has plans to go the Samsung Galaxy S8 way and debut an edge-to-edge screen on the iPhone 8. Xiaomi’s already did wonders when it debuted the almost bezel-less Mi MIX at the end of last year. So, why not the Google Pixel 2?

As noted at the beginning, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL are two great phones that have received huge praise, especially when it comes to performance and the camera as well. However, one major downside of the phones are the huge bezels that appear below and above the screen. They make the device look less-premium, especially when compared to what we are about to see with the S8 and S8+.

Since the Google Pixel 2 is reportedly in the works, we’ve seen quite a number of renders and imaginations of how the phone could look like. But the search engine giant’s hasn’t given out any suggestion of the phone’s design. All we know is that it will be a premium phone, but how premium?

OnePlus 5 vs Google Pixel 2

Well, one sweet way of making the Google Pixel 2 an equal match to the Galaxy S8 and probably iPhone 8 is significantly reducing the bottom and top bezels of the phone compared to the current ones. The side bezels do not necessarily need to be curved, but look at how thin those bezels are on the LG G6. It would indeed be a pleasure for Google to make this change, but looking at past occasions, it is possible that this radical design change might have to wait until 2018. As for now, we could possibly see a Google Pixel 2 phone that has a lot in common with the Pixel and Pixel XL’s design language, except for a few tweaks here and there.

But who knows, maybe Google has a surprise for us, but we should know more details about it somewhere in the second half of this year. Meanwhile, would you like Google Pixel 2 to come with smaller bezels when compared to what the Pixel and Pixel XL have to offer? Let us know in your comments below.

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  1. Pixel XL bezels . The chin could be narrower. But I’m good with top bezel and side bezels . I like to have something to physically hold ,rather than glass even if it is guerilla. BTW the chin of the XL is great to steady while taking pics Dave

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