Google Pixel 2 XL is noticeably larger than LG V30 – but it’s for the good

LG V30 and Google Pixel 2 XL

Google Pixel 2 XL is set to be one of the most hunted smartphones on the planet. Like much of the rumors had pointed out, the phone is a resemblance to what LG did with the phablet V30.

The two phones have a number of things in common and the obvious one is the design. With LG at the heart of the manufacturing of the Google Pixel 2 XL, we can see where the similarities come from. This year seems to be when smartphone makers will bid goodbye to bezels. With Google’s position as the benchmark company in the Android world, shedding off a significant chunk of the bezels on the Pixel XL is an indicator that this should also be the direction for other companies.

How these companies approach the designs is still unknown, but you can be sure that there will still be some differences, including one like what we see on the Google Pixel 2 XL compared to the LG V30. The two phones ship with the same 6-inch POLED display screen, however, the physical size of the former is noticeably larger than the latter.

LG V30 and Google Pixel 2 XL

There’s only one legit explanation for this size difference. The Pixel 2 XL has dual stereo speakers yet the V30 only ships with one. I’m sure many would be willing to overlook that slight size increment on the Pixel 2 XL in favor of getting a much better audio experience. The LG V30, on the other hand, offers much better audio quality through headphones thanks to the QDAC feature.

The top and bottom bezels on the Google Pixel 2 XL also look slightly larger than what is on the LG V30, which further add to the overall size of the second-generation Pixel. This also means the V30 gets a better screen to body ratio. In terms of measurements, the Pixel 2 XL is 157.9mm tall and 7.9mm thick while the V30 measures 151.7mm tall and 7.4mm thick.

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