Google Pixel XL vs. OnePlus 3 vs. ZTE Axon 7 – Where Price Meets Value

OnePlus 3 vs Google Pixel XL vs ZTE Axon 7

The Google Pixel XL has finally been unveiled and it is currently available for preorders through the Google Store as well as official partners that include Verizon and Best Buy.

Apparently, the Pixel XL should be start shipping from October 20, but this is specific to Best Buy. The flagship has a price tag of $769 for the base model of 32GB while the high-end model of 128GB costs $100 more. While you will find some interesting stuff on the new Pixel XL phone, there is nothing really inviting about the handset, especially when looking at the bang you actually get for your hard-earned cash.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison:

Model Google Pixel XL OnePlus 3 ZTE Axon 7
Dimensions 154.7 x 75.7 x 8.5 mm 152.7 x 74.7 x 7.35 mm 151.7 x 75 x 7.9 mm
Display AMOLED 5.5 inches AMOLED 5.5 inches AMOLED 5.5 inches
Resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels 1920 x 1080 pixels 2560 x 1440 pixels
Processor Snapdragon 821 Snapdragon 820 Snapdragon 820
Storage 32GB/128GB 64GB 64GB/128GB
MicroSD card No No Yes, Up to 256GB
Rear camera 12.3MP, f/2.0, No OIS 16MP, f/2.0, OIS 20MP, f/1.8, OIS
Front camera 8MP, f/2.4 8MP, f/2.0 8MP, f/2.2
Operating System Android 7.1 Nougat Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
Battery 3450mAh 3000mAh 3250mAh
Extras Fingerprint, Google Assistant, fast charging, USB Type-C Fingerprint, fast charging, USB Type-C Fingerprint, fast charging, USB Type-C
Price $769 (32GB), $869 (128GB) $399 $399.99


Boasting the Made by Google tag, the Pixel XL comes to a world of smartphones a little bit too late – at a time when the like of OnePlus 3 and ZTE Axon 7 have already staked their position. There are a number of exclusive features for the phone, however, one thing that is for sure going to scare aware many potential buyers of the phone is the asking price.

As noted earlier, the Google Pixel XL has a price tag of $769 – giving you a 5.5-inch QHD AMOLED screen with a 1440p resolution and Corning Gorilla Glass 4 technology on top. When compared to the likes of OnePlus 3 and ZTE Axon 7, there are very slight differences. The former has an AMOLED screen with the same 5.5-inch size, but you get a Full HD 1080p resolution. As for the latter, you get a similar AMOLED 5.5-inch screen with QHD resolution of 1440p, just like the Pixel XL.

Under the hood, the Google Pixel XL has a faster and much better Snapdragon 821 SoC that has been paired with a 4GB RAM, but keeps the same Adreno 530 GPU that s found in the Snapdragon 820. This Snapdragon 820 SoC is the chipset that powers the ZTE Axon 7 and the OnePlus 3. While the former has a RAM of 4GB, the latter has a huge 6GB RAM, which should promise even sleeker performance than the Google Pixel XL or Axon 7.

Pixel and the Pixel XL

In terms of cameras, you get 12.3MP and 8MP snappers on the rear and front of the Pixel XL. As for the OnePlus 3, there is a 16MP snapper on the back and a better 8MP selfie sensor. It gets even better with the ZTE Axon 7, which boasts a rear camera of 20MP and a front-facing snapper of 8MP. While both OnePlus 3 and ZTE Axon 7 have OIS to add to the LED flash and PDAF features, the Pixel XL still misses out on OIS.

The three have capable battery units, but neither the 3250mAh unit on the Axon 7 nor the 3000mAh unit on the OnePlus 3 can match the 3450mAh unit on the Google Pixel XL. Furthermore, you get Android 7.1 Nougat on the Pixel XL yet the other two are still powered by Android Marshmallow. Still, they should be getting an update to Nougat very soon.

The elephant in the house is the price. The Google Pixel XL is more than double the price of OnePlus 3. Where you need only $399 to get the latter, the former demands up to $869 for the 128GB variant. As for the Axon 7, you only need $399 to grab yourself this flagship.

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