Google Play Services and Gboard Now Accepting Beta Testers on the Play Store

Google Play Store

The Google Play Store started accepting official beta testers to sign up for a variety of apps a while ago, but not all apps are currently supported on this platform, including some Google apps.

According to the latest development, though, the search engine giant is making some tweaks to how things work as far as the Google Play Services and Gboard are concerned. From now henceforth, the two applications are now accepting beta testers to sign up so that they can access beta versions of the apps like others via the Google Play Store.

Of course, all beta versions of apps are usually with bugs and a few errors here and there, but they are the perfect chance to get access to new features and updates well ahead of others. It gets even better as your feedback may play a huge role in continuing or even discontinuing certain features or rather aspects of upcoming updates.

No Android device will work perfectly without the Google Play Services installed and usually, the company bundles lots of features and services in the app, something that could mean it takes long before new versions come into play. Well, you no longer need to wait for ages before you get your hands on a new Play Services app version.

Google Play Services

If interested, you can simply join the testing group via this link and all your signed-in devices will be updated to the latest version of the Google Play Services, which is still in beta. The current beta version will bump your app from build number 10.2 to 10.5. Updates will keep on coming to your beta app like always and if you don’t like this beta version, you can also opt out of the program in a few clicks.

If you want to be part of the Gboard beta testing group, follow this link. Like with the case of Google Play Services, you also have the option to leave the program if you think signing up was a mistake. If your device is not yet installed with Gboard, you’ll first need to install it manually from the Google Play Store before proceeding with the above link.

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