Google Play Store Can Now Advice on Which Apps to Uninstall to Create More Storage Space

Google Play Store

One main reason why Google’s Android platform has been such a success is due to the support it offers with respect to expandable storage.

However, this functionality is not available on all devices. In addition, microSD cards might not be very helpful when it comes to installation of apps.

Usually, most Android phones allow users to install all apps on the default phone memory and keep other media files on the microSD card. This means that it is very easy to run out of space available on your phone, however, the Google Play Store will soon have a solution for your storage problems.

The platform is now working on a new way of helping users manage their storage where the store will suggest for you the apps you should consider uninstalling in a bid to create more storage space. This is basically meant to address the error message that usually warns you whenever you try to download and install and app on a phone that has no enough storage space available.

Rather than send you a “not enough space” error message, the Google Play Store will now be able to suggest the apps you can remove from your phone in order to free up space for accommodating the new app. This advice can also help free up more space for storing other important files.

Google Play Store

With this move, Google is truly keeping to its traditions of keeping things simple or rather making life easier for users when interacting with its services. The Google Play Store will come up with a list of least-used apps that are based on the amount of storage they consume. From the list, you can easily pick out the one you feel should really be removed and in the end, free up more space on your device. With freed space, your phone’s performance will also be improved drastically.

As of now, it cannot be determined whether this Google Play Store feature is simply being tested or it is indeed coming to the public. But hopefully, it makes its way to all Android users, especially those running on limited storage options.

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