Google Play Store Unveils Carrier Billing Support for India’s Vodafone and Airtel Customers – No Need for Credit or Debit Card

Google Play Store

Google announced back in October that India’s version of the Google Play Store will be receiving the support for carrier billing.

India’s most popular carriers Airtel and Vodafone, are the only two that are compatible with this Google Play Store service, but it is possible that the search engine provider will be working closely with other carriers so as to accommodate a larger part of local mobile subscribers.

It is not the first time this idea of carrier billing is coming to the Google Play Store. It was launched for those using the Idea Cellular carrier back in May 2016 and in November of the same year, the Play Store added support for netbanking. The story is soon going to be the same for those using this Google application on Airtel and Vodafone-powered phones.

What this new update means to Google Play Store users in India is that the means of making payments via this application are now more convenient than before. In the past, users could depend on the usual debit and credit cards, netbanking, and redeeming of codes. But the new update now adds carrier billing to these options – a feature that many who don’t have credit or debit cards will definitely enjoy.

Google Play Store

As noted earlier, Idea Cellular users have been enjoying this feature since last year. But it is just now that Airtel and Vodafone users will start enjoying the same feature on their Play Store apps. Whether you want to pay for an app, book, game, or buy any digital content like movies or even music, the Google Play Store will now let you pay directly using your carrier.

The rollout is still gradual and this means that not every person using Airtel or Vodafone will be able to start using this carrier billing feature on their Google Play Store apps immediately. But it should happen for most people towards the end of the week.

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