Google Project Fi Offering $10 Google Play Gift Code this Holiday Season – There’s More

Google Project Fi

Google Project Fi is one of the little-known mobile carriers that is slowly growing into a formidable force not just in the U.S., but also in some parts of Europe.

Even though the carrier is only limited to a set of devices that are owned by Google, among them the new Pixel phones, last year’s Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X as well as 2014’s Nexus 6, the search engine giant is ready to throw in some amazing offers for its loyal fan base.

Google Project Fi Offering $10

Just head to and here you will come across a World of Thanks website from Google Project Fi. In there, you will come across a set of amazing and cheerful online activities that will make your Christmas holiday complete and enjoyable.

Google Project Fi has a number of cute tools that can be used to create custom digital cards, a trivia game as well as a suggestion to pick a seasonally appropriate greeting for your voicemail. If you thought this was all, well, there is even more as Google will also be giving out a $10 Google Play gift code. However, this was just what Google Project Fi was offering for the first week of this deal. In other subsequent weeks throughout this holiday season, Google will be opening up new games, online devices, trivia and a possibility of more gifts.

As noted, Google Project Fi users will be treated to surprises all throughout this holiday season and while it is hard to tell exactly what Google will be offering, the best way to find out would be checking regularly (each week) at least until or rather before January 16, 2017. Nonetheless, most would relish the idea of signing up and going straight to the Christmas tree and get a $10 Google Play gift code.

Google Project Fi

This is not the first time that Google Project Fi has come in with such an offer. It happened last year with the famous Lego charging cradle and it is not surprise that we have something else this year as well. In short, there may be something worth checking the Project Fi website every now and then, you never know what interesting things Google has in store this time around.

There is nothing to worry about for new Google Project Fi subscribers for it seems the promotion will still let you be part of the fun.

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