Google Project Fi Phones – Nexus 6P for $399 or Nexus 5X for $199?

Google Project Fi

Google is a leader when it comes to the search engine world. The tech giant is, however, forcing its way into many other aspects, among them the telecommunication industry.

With Google Project Fi, the company has a unique wireless service that may at some point compete on the same levels as the giant Verizon and T-Mobile, among others. As for now, the carrier operates with the support of other local-based networks, which include Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular.

Using a Google Fi SIM card, you can jump between these three networks and get the best connection based on your location. This process is automated and you won’t even notice the shifts. It gets more interesting when using the internet as the carrier can also switch between cellular and available Wi-Fi hotspots to give you the best connection possible. This should be a data-saving trick for many out there, especially if a lot of your activities revolve around public areas that have Wi-Fi hotspots.

In terms of costs, Google Project Fi charges $30 per month for the basic package. This earns you unlimited talk and SMS as well as 1GB data. The cost of data is $10, but if you happen to use less than this 1GB of data in a month, the balance will be refunded to you. In case of using more than this 1GB per month, you will also be charged for the extra data used with respect to the $10/GB rate.

Google recently introduced group plans where current account owners can add five more accounts. Rather than be charged the usual $20 per month per line, Google will charge these additional accounts $15 per month. However, the data charges will remain at $10/GB, with the same principles applying here as well.

Being a Google-owned service that is still finding balance, Project Fi is only limited to the company’s phones. Before the release of this year’s Google Pixel and Pixel XL, only those using Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6 were able to enjoy the services of Fi. As usual with the introduction of new devices, the previous models’ prices drop.

Google Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P

When you buy a Google Nexus 6P or Nexus 5X directly from the Fi website, you get a free Fi SIM card as well as discounted prices for the 2015 phones. Where the Google Store still values the Nexus 6P at $499, the phone can be bought at $100 less via Project Fi. It gets even better as Google has a contract for you who can’t pay for it outright, asking for only $16.62 per month. The story gets even sweeter when talking about the Google Nexus 5X. Launched at $379, you can now have a new Nexus 5X for just $199. Alternatively, Google Project Fi offers it on a contract of just $8.29 per month.

As for the Google Pixel, the phone has the same value here as what Google charges via its official Store – $649 outright or a contract of $27.04 per month.

So, which Google Project Fi phone will you go for? Share your views in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Google Project Fi Phones – Nexus 6P for $399 or Nexus 5X for $199?”

  1. fi is good in metro city but in my place network is not good.
    Hurdle Ifaced are following :
    Bad network
    network switch is not smooth , you need to disconnect the call.
    Call over wifi is really bad, you may need to try 3-4 times to establish well
    coming to phone nexus 5x
    phone is slower than iphone 5s
    Hangs mostly with browser
    works very odd when you need
    Get started heating even when this is idle in pocket.
    I tried replace the phone as I am in warranty, Google denied to replace with new phone, said they will give you refurbished one
    sent many emails to Sundar Pichai , we never responded.

  2. I have been using Google’s Fi for about a year. The service is awesome, inexpensive, and coverage is superb. I purchased the Nexus 5x and have no problems with the phone. The battery lasts all day. There have only been a few instances where I needed to charge up in the middle of the day. Great service, great phone. I highly recommend. I previously had service with Verizon. Very satisfied with my decision to switch.

    1. $20 for unlimited talk and text + $10 for first gigabyte = $30 for a basic plan. First line on group plan is $20. Any additional line is $15.

  3. Could I purchase a 5X from Fi, pay for a month’s service, then cancel take the phone elsewhere? $199 plus $30 for a month is still a great deal for a Nexus. 5X…

    1. I would suggest to get iphone6 by adding 100 bucks in offer season or promotions from network companies. That will be faster than this phone and useful.

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