Google Removes Coincidence Detector – A Racist Chrome Browser Extension Used to Target Jews

Google Chrome

After a detailed investigation, Google has finally decided to pull the plug on the Coincidence Detector plugin – a Google Chrome extension that was used by a bunch of racist people to target the Jews online.

Using this plugin, individuals online could easily be identified as Jewish thanks to the fact that the extension easily added a sequence of parentheses around surnames of writers and celebrities that have Jewish origin. From a distance, one could easily tell that the said person is a Jewish, something that is no different from what Nazi Germany used to identify Jews – a gold star badge – apart from the fact that the latest version is digital.

Apparently, the Coincidence Detector plugin had already garnered up to 2500 users, with at least 8800 names listed as worthy of tracking via the platform. It was created by altrightmedia, but there is no specific person who has come out to claim authorship of the application. However, reports indicate that the plugin received its name due to a conspiracy theory that claims all Jews have plans to undermine the entire human race. The parentheses aspect was popularized by the Right Stuff website, suggesting that all Jews have names that echo.

When the parentheses are used, it may send out a message that leads to Jews being targeted with violent insults and threats.

Google Chrome

It appears that the sole purpose of this innocent-looking plugin is to help white supremacists use Google Chrome to track, compile and expose the identities of any Jewish writer, celebrity or basically any person whom they consider “anti-white.” The extension works in the background when browsing the web via Chrome, encasing the names of the persons to target with three sets of parentheses on either side of the name.

The extension is connected to a database that contains a list of names which is updated regularly. Users can easily refresh the list such that the list of Jews and any other anti-white persons can be reflected with the latest additions on board

One thought on “Google Removes Coincidence Detector – A Racist Chrome Browser Extension Used to Target Jews”

  1. It would seem that there should be a better testing approach to vet apps that are accepted on Google Play, the Apple Store, the Android Store(s) so that this type of application would never see the light of day on the popular sources for apps. That being said, there is nothing stopping the perps that created this mess from shopping it around via their own means. Just one more indication of why Trump and his ilk are so popular; they represent that part of our culture that most of us don’t want recognize, but which has been waiting for an opportune time to crawl out from beneath their rocks.

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