Google Rolls Out Its New Update Keyboard App Version 5.0 for Android

Keyboard App Version 5.0

Google rolled out a huge development to its Keyboard app for Android-based devices on this Tuesday.

The latest app version 5.0 is updated with new features for Android Keyboard and many other much-required changes. We give you an insight about the new features that have been introduced with the latest Keyboard app version 5.0.

The main focal point of this updated version is its one-handed mode, which will probably be a much-credited feature for the Android users with smartphones and big phone screens. This can be accessible by pressing the Search/Enter or the comma button for a few seconds. It also has a new arrow key which the users can use to switch hands. You can use the expand button and instantly toggle it to its full sized version also. Now there are key borders that can be shown for Material Dark and Material Light themes. The Holo themes that were available previously have also been removed.

There is also an option which when agreed to, will allow you to share snippets like “improve the keyboard for everyone” with Google. This feature makes the suggestions for word prediction by the keyboard even more accurate. There are 5 different options for adjusting the keyboard height which varies from short to tall. There is also an option for dragging and removing the suggestions from the bar for suggestions by just a long press of the icon. A few action-related typing changes like deleting complete words on the left side of the delete button by sliding them, deletion of preview for dynamic floating and controlling the cursor movements on the space bar by just swiping it to the left and to the right. A new feature that has been included is the shortcuts for the emoji and numpad keyboards, in the layout for alt/number which is available on both the sides of the space bar. The users can now switch to the long press functional features for the evident symbols.

Google Keyboard App Version 5.0 for Android

Finally, Google has introduced a new feature for creating a password for keyboard entry for its users. When the users need to make an entry in the password field, the keyboard layout is provided with numbers in addition to alphabets in the suggestion bar helping them to enter an alphanumeric password.

The updated version of this Keyboard app 5.0 is available for download at the Google Play Store. If you cannot see it there due to delay in updates related to the geographical regions, it can be downloaded from Google-signed apk file via the APK Mirror for smartphones with a 64bit ARM. There is a different version available at the APK Mirror site for smartphones with a 32-bit based ARM processor.

Google recently had reported that it was working on an app for Keyboard for the iOS devices. The internet giant seems to be putting its search engine for use to become the most used part of its interface. This will in turn also increase the total figure related to the number of Google searches on the internet based scaffold.

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