Google search now displays results based on your phone’s location, even if you visit country-specific domains

Google search results

From now henceforth, your Google search results will now be displayed based on the location of your device.

As at the time of this writing, about one-fifth of all Google search results are already based on location, but the search engine giant is making some changes to the app’s search algorithm so that users get the most relevant results.

Of course, the locations we are talking about here are country-based, which means that when you search results for a country-specific domain, you will still get results based on your phone’s location. For instance, if you are in the U.S. and you hit up, you will still get results for the U.S.

When browsing the web, you should be able to notice the location in the bottom left corner of the open window. Since location settings automatically update when you move from one country to the other, Google search will similarly change the region so that the search results you get are tailored based on your new location.

Even though this is a great addition, it now makes the process of searching localized results from a different country quite long. To get results for France when you are in the U.S., for instance, you’ll have to make changes in the Settings>Search settings>Search region, where you pick the country from which you want results displayed.

As at the time of this writing, the update is already available for those using Google search on mobile web as well as the Google app on iOS. Also, you should see the feature live on Search and Maps for desktops.

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