Google Shop : What’s Inside the Retail Store at 96, Spring St., Downtown Manhattan – An Experience Store rather than a Buying One

Google Shop

Google has opened up its first pop up store or retail store in New York, a few blocks away from the Apple Stores in the city.

Not A Retail Store

However, it is different from the usual retail store and can be called as a pop up store. It is aimed at showcasing different products made by Google. You will find almost every Google product, right from the Google Pixel smartphones to the Google Home, a competitor to Echo from Amazon. The Google store was opened on the 20th of October.

Google Shop

What’s Inside?

There is a huge light fountain made of wood along with a huge wall made of colored blocks that keeps changing its design. But the focus of the store lies in the Google products.

The Pixel

The pop up store focuses on the new phone by Google, namely, the Pixel. People can try out the new Pixel devices, because it is not available elsewhere as a showpiece. It can only be bought online through the official site or through Verizon stores. Customers can also see the different cases, specially customized for Pixel phones. There is an additional small button seen on the cases, which can help users do more with the Pixel.

There is a lighting installation, wherein customers can take a photo of themselves with the Pixel device. It demonstrates the low light photography abilities of the Pixel.

Area for Google Home

Apart from Pixel phones, some of the focus is on Google Home, which has an entire area dedicated to it. Google Home is a competitor to Echo from Amazon. There are different looks available for Google Home. For instance, the bottom part can be changed and you can use bases of different colors. Two separate rooms, consisting of one living room and one kitchen are also presented, so that customers can get a sample of the Google Home experience in their homes. The living room and the kitchen are rather reminiscent of IKEA, where people can check out the features of Google Home in settings that are similar to their own homes.

Daydream View

However, the biggest section of the pop up store has been dedicated to Daydream View. This is Google’s latest VR headset. Customers can check out the device and even try it on.  The headset has a comfortable cover made of microfiber, which is almost the same as those seen on sportswear or sweatpants. The Pixel smartphone powers the headset, so the headsets are strapped with a smartphone on the front.

Experiencing the VR Headset

Once the headset is strapped on your head, you can sit on a swiveling chair and this makes it easier to look around in virtual reality.

Daydream View VR headset

Experience Store

However, the pop up store is more of an experience store, rather than a buying one. You cannot make any purchases right here. You can experience a new product or device here and then make the purchase online for ordering it.

The pop up store was open to public from the 20th of October and will continue to remain open to the end of this year. The location is at 96, Spring Street, downtown Manhattan.

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