Google Text-To-Speech version 3.9.6 Speaks Text across Any Android App


Google’s latest brainchild out in the market is the latest update of the Google Text-To-Speech (TTS) version 3.9.6.

It has been updated with the ability to converse in new languages and speak any selected text across any app with an Android UI.

The toolbar that has been introduced in the Android M has a floating text selection option, which puts up a pop-up like a box. When a certain text is selected, the pop-up offers different options for actions like cut, copy, and paste. There is also another menu overflowing with other options like Wikipedia, Google Search, Google Translate, Google Assist, and now the recent Google Text-To-Speech.

How the Text-To-Speech Feature works!

This new updated version of this feature will include Google Text-to-Speech Engine as an option in the floating text selection toolbar. The selected text is highlighted first, and then the options are given out. When the Text-To-Speech option is selected from the drop-down list, the Engine will read out the text loud through your smartphone. This feature comes in handily when you are having issues in pronouncing tricky words. Even the TLDR articles can be run through easily by using this feature without having to look into your smartphone. You can also make changes to the languages, the rate of speech, voice sets, and a lot more while using this feature. All you have to do is go to the Settings, select Language and Input and then click on Text-To-Speech output option. Here you can make all the required changes.

Two new languages, Vietnamese and Swedish has been added to the list of languages that is supported by the app. You can either select a language manually or you can also let the smartphone detect the default language, which allows selecting the analogous language automatically in the app.

Google Text-To-Speech version 3.9.6

Earlier, the developers had to incorporate the text-to-speech feature into the apps. However, it is now accessible system-wide. The new Text-to-Speech version 3.9.6 comes assembled inside the Android N Developer Preview 3. However, the apk file that has been Google-signed can be downloaded via the Android Police from APK Mirror.

The new and latest updates were announced with many new improvements at the recent Google I/O. Google claims that this is its first Beta-version release and it is accompanied with a lot of improvised graphics and with a good runtime conduct. This latest Google Text-To-Speech version 3.9.6 is an Android Beta program compatible with smartphones that run on Android UI. However, the preview figure fits right for the Android One (4G – General mobile), Pixel C, Nexus Player, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, and Nexus 9 devices.

 The new version of Google Text-To-Speech 3.9.6 is not yet available for download at the Google Play Store and is currently set-up only with the Android N Developer Preview 3. However, it seems to function completely right when installed on Marshmallow. Future updates are expected to allow a change in voice, add more options and controls to the pop-up box, and to increase the speed of the speech rate directly without having to go to the Settings and make changes.

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