Google’s Android O Gets More Life-like Emojis

Android O Life-like Emojis

Android O is the talk of the town today and the latest version of Google’s operating system has already reached all the supported smartphones.

If you own any of the Pixel phones or some of the older supported devices, it is possible to immediately enter the public beta program to experiment with Android O. The changes are plenty including more ways to access apps, better notifications but the least talked about of them all is the emojis. For a very long time, since the time of Android Kit Kat to be precise, the developers have focused only on circular blog like emojis to represent human faces.

Android O

While it is an accepted norm throughout all smart devices, it is known that these emojis don’t depict what everyone wants to express because of their limited blog face. Google has an answer to those who wanted something different and more life like, with their Android O operating system. Unveiled at the recent Google I/O conference, the emojis looks amazing. It includes a lot of new faces that depict real life looks including a dinosaur, giraffe, vomiting face, orange heart and critter.

The humans used in these set of emojis look like actual people and if they are to add facial expressions to them, they will be much more expressive than the ones we have been using for a very long time. Google did confirm that they have a huge set of changes coming to the operating system. While Android O will introduce these cool looking emojis, the problem is that it is supposed to reflect the same on LG and Samsung devices.

Android O Life-like Emojis

A company like Samsung always love to change and make their own version of the OS. They may change the emoji faces as well which will void the concept and may not deliver the vanilla operating system of Android O that Google has built from the scratch. The changes are very cosmetic and doesn’t impact performance of existing smartphones. The developers have also planned to incorporate these emojis to older version of the operating system, possibly Android 7.0 so that people who recently got their smartphones need not change it just to get a couple of new smiley faces.

Google also confirmed that they can’t fully control the way other manufacturers change their emojis and using the default set is an easier option than confusing people on the other end with new faces that may display differently on their own device.