Google’s Latest Gmail Update aims at Preventing Phishing Scams for Android Users


Whether it’s a coincidence or by design, users of the Gmail app on Android will be receiving an update that is aimed at helping with the growing phishing scams.

This Gmail update comes at a time when the search engine giant is dealing with phishing email scams that have been hitting Google Docs. Apparently, the update will up the app’s game when it comes to anti-phishing security checks for Android users, where users will be warned whenever they tap on a link that Google considers as suspicious.

So, what exactly is phishing? For the uninformed, phishing is a kind of scam where users are tricked into giving out their personal details by a source link that presents itself as a trusted website or rather contact. Scammers have found it easier to trick unsuspecting Gmail users, where they send a link that recipients of the emails are to click on. Once they do, they’ll be redirected to an external site where they are asked to enter their personal details for logging into their emails.

If you happen to proceed with this request, you’ll actually be handing over your account details to the said scammers and eventually, these guys could end up taking control of your email address and even block you from accessing it completely.


Now, with this new update, for any site that Google suspects to be a phishing website, Gmail for Android users will receive a warning against proceeding to the website. If you choose to proceed even after being warned, the company says it will be at your own risk.

Despite this update, some people might still be tricked to give out their details online. What you basically need to do is avoid clicking on those links you have no idea of. For instance, if you weren’t expecting any email from a friend and all of a sudden they are asking you to share a document, be sure to ask them first before you proceed with opening the link. Also, never give out your passwords to any unknown website, especially since companies no longer request users to provide such personal information.

If you haven’t updated to the latest Gmail version, make a point of visiting the Google Play Store and get the updated version right away. Stay safe!