Google’s Nexus 5X Video Appears with Phone Running on Windows 10 Mobile

Nexus 5X

The tech world keeps bring up new things and the latest may be a huge surprise for many. Apparently, someone has managed to successfully install Windows 10 Mobile on a Google Nexus 5X smartphone.

As of now, it cannot be determined how exactly how this developer managed to pull the strings, but according to the video, it appears that Android-based Nexus 5X can be installed with Microsoft-owned Windows 10 Mobile. There are no Windows 10 Mobile ROMs available for Nexus 5X, although Xiaomi Mi4 has one, however, it seems the hardware specs available on the 5X are well suited to run the new Windows OS.

In fact, the Nexus 5X packs almost the same hardware specs as the Windows 10 Mobile-compatible Lumia 950 – a 6-core Snapdragon 808 SoC and a 5.2-inch display unit – but the former has a slightly lower RAM of 2GB as compared to the latter’s 3GB.

This is a very strange thing to happen in the tech world, but apparently it is happening. It first appeared on Reddit, but the person behind the video has not gone public with details of how this came to be. What this video only manages to show is a Nexus 5X powered by Windows 10 Mobile and not the usual Android OS as expected. Furthermore, the Windows OS on board seems to be an unofficial version that is also not available to the general public.

Nexus 5X Windows 10 Mobile

As pointed out earlier, there is a Windows 10 Mobile ROM available for Xiaomi Mi4. While Microsoft has not made any other ROM official for Android devices, the latest discovery has led to speculations that the Nexus 5X could probably be running on a modified version of the ROM that was made available for the Mi4. Well, this could be possible given that both handsets are based on Android and it gets even better knowing that the Nexus 5X has no modifications to the OS whatsoever, something that could also have contributed to this possibility. In addition, reports have been rife that the Redmond Company is working on releasing a new Windows 10 Mobile ROM for newer devices such as Xiaomi Mi5 as well as OnePlus 2.

At the same time, reports are emerging suggesting that the video could as well be fake. The arguments here are is that an older build version 10.0.10586.0 is featured in the video and the IMEI number seen is also from an older LG phone and not the LG Nexus 5X.

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