Google’s Pixel and the Pixel XL – Suddenly, Android Turns More Appealing Albeit Some Hiccups


Here’s to unveiling the different aspects of the Pixel and the Pixel XL, both the good and the bad.

The Pixel and the Pixel XL were unveiled on the 4th of October in an event held by Google in San Francisco. There have been rumors regarding these new Google phones since many months now.

Pixel and Pixel XL Phones

New Type of Google Phone

The announcement of the two new phones seems to be a big deal for the company. Both SundarPichai and Osterloh announced these phones, marking the fact that Google is not afraid to offer a phone by itself. The new phones show that the alphabet G really stands for Google and the primary earner of the alphabet is a hardware company.

Both the phones are likely to be hugely successful, but not all users may be happy with the price or the design and event its features.

First, the Good

Google seems to have got plenty of the features right. First and foremost, the camera has got an 89 rating fro DxOMark, which is the highest score given so far. The Pixel comes with a 12.3 MP camera, which may not be saying much. Yet, the sensors offer a lot of detail, speedy and excellent performance. It offers features like the Smartburst and the HDR+ offering top class images. The phone also includes the ability to upload the photographs and the videos in full resolution to the Google Photos app.

Pixel 12.3 MP camera

Enhanced Software

In addition, there is no compromise in the software experience, with pure Android being blended with additional features. The phones are shipped with Nougat 7.1 out of the box. However, it is not the same, boring Android experience like in the past. The Pixel Launcher allows users to access apps effectively. There are also a few visual tweaks and support options offered in the settings. Though the changes are subtle, Android has become more appealing.

Some Hiccups

The design does not offer anything original and is similar to the iPhone, but a generic metallic design is common these days. The color choices, namely Quite Black, Very Silver and Really Blue sound fun, but these are limited editions; so all customers will not be able to access an exclusive color from a particular retailer.

The Price

This is another factor that many customers might balk at. The Pixel with storage of 32 GB and 5 inches screen is priced at %649 and the XL begins at a price of $769, which is quite hefty. Of course, the company might argue that it is a quality device and well worth the price. But the majority of customers opting for Nexus device might not consider it worth it. The Pixel might be a lot different from the Nexus line, but not that much different.

pixel price

Customers might find it usual to expect such prices from Samsung and the like, but may not accept for devices like the Pixel. There are several Chinese devices offering similar specifications and available for a lot less, so Google might well have a fight on its hands.

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