Grand Theft Auto Online: New Bug In The Game Launches Players Into The Air

New GTA online glitch

A Redditor, who has a certain amount of expertise on GTA Online, recently stumbled upon a weird glitch pertaining to the Granger 3600LX, one of the vehicles in the game.

When players try to get inside the vehicle with the help of a trunk, they get launched into the air almost immediately.

Those who have been playing the different versions of Grand Theft Auto for a long time, got reminded of the GTA 4 swing set launch glitch. Just like that particular glitch, this glitch, too, does not have the potential to cause any harm. It also does not distract you from the game and, in a way, adds to the fun of playing it.

My buddy and I found out the Granger 3600LX has a secret feature. from gtaonline

SkinnedHorse, a GTA Online Redditor, posted a video on r/gtaonline that offered one a glimpse of this rare glitch that seems to have affected only the Granger 3600LX till now. This glitch has enabled players to launch themselves in the air as per their wishes.

One can see the Redittor taking the help of the interaction menu to open the Granger 3600LX’s trunk. After this, they try to enter the car from behind and this is when they get launched into the sky because of this glitch.

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A good thing about this glitch is the fact that it’s not accidental in nature and can be used by the players to their advantage as and when they wish. Till now, many players have used this glitch multiple times. The Redditor tried it out four times and got the same result in each attempt.

This glitch has left a lot of players amused and most of them are of the opinion that it has added a sense of joy to the game. While not many have complained about this glitch, it is expected to be resolved in the near future by the development team.

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