GTA 5 Online Updates: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony Update and More


One of the most important updates in GTA 5 Online is scheduled for launch on 7th of June. Rockstar has already confirmed Finance and Felony and Further Adventures in Finance and Felony updates are arriving soon and will be followed by Cunning Stunts DLC.

According to an official message, the former follows the VIP experience of Executives and Other Criminals but gives the gamers the chance to expand their criminal enterprise and become the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. On the other hand, Further Adventures in Finance and Felony appears to expand on the recent VIP features but is a totally new gameplay that features a variety of select brand vehicles like Pegassi Reaper and additional exciting features. The update has also improvised other ways of getting money through trading contraband.

The criminal agency involves buying and selling a range of contraband across the amazing city of Los Santos. The players will also fight to outdo other criminal groups in a ferocious competition as well as keep away from running into LSPD. A new headquarter is located in a high-rise building from which the CEO will oversee the criminal hierarchy. The commands will come from the HQ while the actual illegal business will utilize several special warehouses across the town.

Rockstar further described the updates as one of the biggest and deepest and a massive corporate rise. The company has also promised fans more pros than cons in the latest expansion.


Cutting Stunts to be an actual location on GTA Online

References to the second DLC set, Cunning Stunts, to be released by Rockstar studio, has also been spotted. The set comes in the shape of an advertisement board randomly generated and was seen as early as 2014. Although Cutting Stunts has been described as an extension of the already existing Creator Tools, there are possibilities of including a new Academy in the game in the form of a real location. This could be a way of earning in-game cash but fans will have to bear the curiosity until Rockstar announce their plans in the next few coming weeks. Early this year, Rockstar revealed that there will be a set of new supports for inspired Creator scene that will defy imagination.

Since its release in 2013 alongside GTA 5, GTA Online has seen several regular updates and the preview of the current expansion is due next week.

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