GTA 5 Redux Graphical Mod Would Make You Play the Game Again


GTA 5 has officially received the Redux mod, the one that promised to bring a whole lot of visual improvements to the game and it delivers on everything without fail.

The Redux mod has been the talk of the town ever since the developers revealed screenshots and gameplay videos of Grand Theft Auto V with the visual enhancements. Rockstar did a good job ofoptimizing the game for PC as they took almost a year before it was released. However, there was plenty of scope for improvement which the mod taps to its highest potential.

GTA V Redux Mod

Created by Josh Romito, it is easily one of the most ambitious mods in recent timesthat totally revamps the AAA titles to unprecedented extent. When you install the mod, GTA 5 gets 4K textures, improved visuals, better sounds and a fully dynamic weather system. Instead of being a simple graphics enhancing mod, the new Redux aims to go higher by tweaking the game’s rules.

It makes adjustments to the wanted system in the game and even modifies the weapons giving them more fire power, precision besides other changes like better vehicle handling. Mod makers usually don’t invest so much time to get the best out of the game but Romito is someone who is not going to give it up easily. There is also a claim that he had used files from multiple GTA V mods to create Redux but it is purely an allegation at the moment.

A launch trailer for the GTA 5 mod has been released online which should give you a clear idea of how good it looks. The list of changes it brings to the game can be found on their official website.


The only drawback is that Rockstar doesn’t officially allow mods to be installed on the PC version of GTA 5. Bethesda is a company that appreciate mods with Fallout 4, Skyrim and all their top titles. Rockstar policies differ and installing the Redux mod on the game is no easy task. But, if you are a hardcore PC gamer who is probably interested in mods, you should be familiar with the basics and this shouldn’t be so difficult.

The mod requires GTA V to be installed without any other mods running in it. A clean install is mandatory for it to work as intended. The mod was delayed multiple times but is now out and it would surely enhance the life of the game by many more months to come.

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