GTA Online Offers A New Vehicle, Adversary Mode and Online Bonuses

GTA Online

To kick start the New The Grand Theft Auto Online now features a whole lot of new features for its avid gamers.

One of these features includes a Pegassi FCR 1000 motorcycle for the gamer to ride on for participation in an explosive vehicular warfare when playing in the newly introduced Vehicle Vendetta adversary mode. Apart from the new vehicle and adversary mode, GTA online has added more thrill to the game by offering many online bonuses. Moreover, between 3 January and 16 January, you can avail special discounts on special cargo warehouses and vehicle warehouse renovations, grenade launchers, masks, engine performance upgrades, body armor, explosive weapon ammunitions and throwables.

GTA Online Adversary Mode

The classic Pegassi FCR 1000 is truly any hipster’s delight and is uber-customizable. The bike will undoubtedly prove to be the pride of any rider. The motorcycle will help you join hands with your teammates and pit against other motorists competing with you for power-ups in the Vehicle Vendatta adversary mode. There are quite a few power-ups which can actually alter the course of the battle. Until January 17, playing in this mode will help you double up your GTA dollars and reward points. The following is a list of power-ups that you are bound to find useful in the course of the battle.

The first power-up that needs a special mention is called Beast. The Beast power-up helps gamers in transforming themselves into rhino tanks automatically when they need some additional power. Players will find detonators useful when they encounter hindrances in their paths. Detonators can be used to remove both obstacles and objects found along the way treaded upon. On the other hand, three bombs can be placed at different locations in the map to put an end to trailing enemies. Rockets are used for firing at drivers coming in the opposite direction to immobilize them. The repair power-up is a must have to service your vehicle and bring it back to working condition like a new one. With the Ghost power-up, players can become invisible, drive through the opponents’ vehicles and deprive them of their power-ups.

GTA Online

Gamers can ram into their enemies’ vehicles with the Jammed power-up by hitting on the accelerator of their own mode of transport. The Flipped power-up helps in reversing rivals’ steering, as well as braking and accelerator controls. As for Zoned, this power-up comes in handy when there is a need to slow down the pace of any player. The Deadline power-up automatically transforms players to the Nagasaki Shotaro mode with a shattering light trail. The final power-up Random can prove to be a real blessing when players feel everything is lost. It helps them to collect any of the above mentioned power-ups of their choice other than the Detonator.

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