Halo 5 Gets New Concept Art, Reveals Free DLC Weapons And Upcoming Map

Halo 5

343 industries are keen on supporting Halo 5 Guardians even though it’s been more than ten months since it launched on Xbox One console.

New DLC maps and weapons are coming. Concept art of the same has surfaced online.

The developers continue to tease gamers with new content and the concept art gives a sneak peak of what you could expect. The upcoming DLC will be rolled out free of cost to all Halo 5 guardians owners. One of the maps was teased in the art. The map is slated to be designed for the Arena mode. There is no word on introducing new content for the Warzone and Warfight modes so far.

In their blog post, 343 industries have specified that it as preview of autumn. The name could probably be the one that the developers plan to use for the upcoming DLC. In other scenario, it might depict the particular post.

“The places that are shown in the concept art are being tested by the development team. They are busy examining every nook and corner of the place to ensure it offers the best firefight experience. Be it power position, usage of weapons or other things related to the map, we want to ensure it has been tested before the launch,” read the blog post.

Halo 5 Gets New Concept Art

Like every other DLC that has been released for Halo 5 Guardians, the new one will have new weapons, equipment, skins and other add-ons to allow more customization options for players. The upcoming pack includes a landgrave magnum, landgrave BR and the gunfighter magnum.

343 industries executive also teased that they have another weapon skin set which will be bundled along with the Halo 5 free DLC update. But, it has been left with a teaser message but the team didn’t reveal what they have planned to launch.

Halo 5 is one of the most successful games in Xbox One history. It continues to stay on top in sale records and has been offering gamers unlimited hours of fun. In order to appreciate the support people gave them, the developers wanted to give something in return and announced that they will release multiple free DLCs to keep the multiplayer interesting like never before.

A file browser for the game’s mod is coming on Windows 10 and Xbox One platforms. It will allow players to browse through available mods and try them out on the console. Maybe, the game might get launched on PCs in the near future.

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