Halo 5 Gets Warzone Firefight Next Week, Game Goes Free For Limited Time

Halo 5 Gets Warzone Firefight

Halo 5 players are excited to the core because the big DLC for the game Warzone Firefight is getting launched next week.

It is the most anticipated launch in recent times.

The DLC also happens to be the eight free expansion pack for Halo 5 Guardians on Xbox One console. The expansion is scheduled for release on June 29th, confirmed Microsoft in an official statement. In order to popularize the game and reach new gamers, the company has also announced that the title will be free to play for a limited period. The promotion begins on June 29 when the DLC gets officially launched and will continue till July 5th allowing everyone to get a taste of the Halo universe.

If you have enough bandwidth to download it and play it for free, this should be the time to do so. Halo 5 Guardians is an easily the best AAA first person shooter and is an exclusive title on the Xbox One console. The story follows the adventures of Master Chief and beyond the single player campaign, the multiplayer is one of the best of all times. When the game is free, obviously all servers will be full with competitors across the globe. This is easily the best time to explore Halo 5 if you own the Microsoft console.

Halo 5 Warzone Firefight

The free time isn’t the only offer announced by Microsoft. Halo 5 Guardians will be sold for half the price during this period. And, with so many free expansion packs to download and play, it’s easily a worthy addition to your Xbox One games library.

The Warzone Firefight DLC developed by 343 industries is the biggest launch which also features a grunt boss named Grunt Goblin. It was tested in open beta in the month of April and is now being rolled out to all gamers. Three different multiplayer maps are being rolled out, Molten for Arena while the other two named Attack on Sanctum and Prospect is designed for the Warzone Firefight mode.

New armor sets and vehicles are also part of the DLC pack. A brand new Score Attack mode is being introduced to the single player campaign. 343 industries are keen on making their fans happy on every platform and they are not only focusing on multiplayer maps but on other aspects of their game as well. More surprise announcements are expected in the Major Nelson blog.

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