Halo 5 Server Improvements, Bug Fixes and Classic Playlist Incoming, Says 343 Industries

Halo 5 Guardians

Halo 5 Guardians is going strong despite the fact that it was launched like a year ago.

The developers of the game, 343 industries continue to support it and confirmed that they are planning to fix some bugs, improve matchmaking performance besides launching classic playlist to the game.

Halo 5 Server Improvements

The developer team earlier confirmed that they will launch new maps. Apart from that, they are going to add some tweaks to the title and fix online issues for a much better multiplayer experience. Detailing the same in their official blog, 343 industries team said that while the overall online experience is going strong, there are some issues that continue to raise everyday. They plan to address and find a proper fix for these.

“Providing a fair competitive and enjoyable online experience is what the team aims to achieve. They have been consistently going through the reports and spotted a couple of issues which will be addressed. Players have reported that there has been an unusually high level of latency, frequent disconnection from game and melee registration problems. A small fix is all it takes to make it better and we will get it done,” wrote the developer in the blog.

While we literally have no idea what a classic playlist is going to offer, the team confirmed that such a playlist will be available for Halo 5 real soon. There is no specific release date or the content bundled in the package. But, we can be sure that it will be exciting and brings more variation to the exciting online world created in the Guardians. The really long blog post also addressed the fiasco they faced with Halo Master Chief Collection. The game had a really bad launch in 2014 but people are still playing it now. The developers have no plans to fix its issues and release patches for the MCC but rather are going to use the lessons learned to make the Halo universe better, especially all future releases.

Halo 5 Guardians

It is evident from their statement that the great support Halo 5 Guardians received and continues to get new maps, updates is primarily because of the mistakes 343 industries did with the Master Chief Collection. Fans didn’t abandon them and made Halo 5 a huge hit on the Xbox One console. The developer decided to bombard them with free content throughout the year. Right from Warzone firefight, Hog Wild to The Battle of Shadow and Light launched in November, there has been at least one new DLC every month.

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