Halo Wars 2 Will Not Have a Retail Physical Release in the US  

Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars fans are in for a disappointment as a recent news release indicates that the latest Halo Wars 2 will be available only for the European market.

The game will not be available in retail physical format to fans in the United States. This includes both the standard and ultimate editions. This online announcement was made recently by the developer 343 Industries’ community manager Brian Jarrard. According to him, there was a change in retail plans and it was Microsoft’s decision to make the physical edition available only in Europe. An earlier news by THQ Nordic indicated that there would be a January release of both digital and physical versions in January as result of partnership among 343 Industries, Microsoft Studios and THQ Nordic. When the game releases globally towards the end of February this year for both Xbox One and PC, the digital versions for PC will be available worldwide.

Halo Wars 2 Not Release in US

Initially, THQ Nordic was supposed to be working towards developing the physical format of Halo Wars 2. However, following a change of plan, Microsoft decided to pull the plug. THQ Nordic moved on to partner with Microsoft to develop the physical versions of two of its games – Blind Forest and Quantum Break and Ori. As a result, while European fans can enjoy playing the physical format of the game, their counterparts in the US will have to rely on the Windows Store to play the two versions digitally on their Windows 10 PC. Until now, no clear reason has been cited as to why the decision was taken to do away with the relase of the North American version. It is actually quite a bit of a surprise that this move has been taken, especially when the release date is not far off and when there are good chances of quite a few people eagerly awaiting their preorder’s arrival.

However, there is some good news for Halo Wars 2 lover. The February 21 release will see the standard edition of the game arrive as a Play Anywhere title. When you buy a Windows 10 title, you are entitled to a free Xbox One copy. The same holds good in the reverse case also. Those who would like to opt for the ultimate edition are bound to be a tad happier as this will arrive a few days earlier on 17 February.

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