Hardware Recall of Nintendo Switch Left JoyCon Controller on the Cards

nintendo switch left joycon

Nintendo might offer an exchange program for faulty left JoyCon controllers on its recently released Nintendo Switch gaming device. 

Recently, many owners of the Nintendo Switch have found that the left JoyCon controller of the device is not able to offer steady wireless connection.

Hardware Recall

The sales of the Nintendo Switch have been doing very well, but many users have found a problem with the console, regarding the left JoyCon controller. This could result in a hardware recall by Nintendo.

nintendo switch left joyconThe Switch is a great device and users are noit able to stop thinking about or playing Zelda. However, the connection issues seem to be plaguing several users. TechCrunch affirms that the problems go beyond the software issues and will probably need hardware fix. This could lead to a recall of the JoyCons by the company.

Right and Left Controllers

One of the reports coming from Arstechnica states that the problem is caused due to the construction difference of the left and the right JoyCon controllers. There is no dedicated antenna for Bluetooth in case of the left JoyCon controller.

The rightJoyCon controller has some additional technology in it, namely the IR sensor and the NFC chip. This made it necessary for the hardware team to incorporate the Bluetooth antenna in it, for offering more stabilized signals.  As for the left JoyCon, there were no additional sensors in it, so they integrated the Bluetooth antenna within its circuit board. The Nintendo team probably thought that as there was more room, they could put the antenna directly into the circuit board.


The above image shows the construction differences between the two JoyCon controllers. It can be seen that the grey wire is missing in the blue left JoyCon controller. The grey wire offers a dedicated antenna for Bluetooth.

Fixing the Left JoyCon DIY

Spawn Wave, a YouTuber while trying to fix the JoyCon in a DIY attempt, added a Bluetooth antenna for the left JoyCon. This resulted in offering more stability in the wireless connection, even when placed at a distance of 40 feet from the device. This implies that the left JoyCon controller has some trouble in sending a command to the console.

Nintendo Recommendations

Nintendo has made some recommendations for solving the issue. The company has recommended that users put the device closer to the sofa. They can also minimize the interference by keeping the Nintendo Switch console far from electronic devices and from a router or a cable. However, this is not a very practical solution to the hardware issue.

Simple Solution

Users of the Nintendo Switch are disappointed that such a small hardware detail has passed unnoticed through the quality control system. All it needed was a copper wire for solving the problem. With many more Nintendo Switch device owners sending complaints, Nintendo could possibly offer some kind of exchange program to replace the faulty controller.

nintendo switch joycon

Possible Action

Nintendo has several options for resolving the issue. They could produce new iterations of the device, coming with better antenna designs for future buyers. They can also recall the problematic JoyCon controllers, so that all users remain happy. The problem is not that the JoyCon does not work at all, but rather that it does not work when it is too far from the console.

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