Here’s Why Google Allo is Our New Favorite Instant Messenger

Google allo

There is no arguing with the fact that Google Allo offers services that are already being offered by other apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, among others.

However, this is just what many would like to believe without digging a little deeper into the new Google Allo app. In fact, you will be surprised to find out that there are quite a number of features available on the Allo app that make it a much better service provider than the likes of WhatsApp and Messenger.

Unlike many other Google products, Allo does not need your email address in order to get you an account. The search engine giant has borrowed a leaf from WhatsApp and other phone-based IMs by allowing users to create Google Allo accounts using their phone numbers. The app is also free to download and install for Android and iOS users.

So, what makes Google Allo our latest favorite instant messaging app?

Google Assistant

Many were asking why Google chose to come in with a new messaging app from scratch rather than play around with the current IMs it already owns. Well, the Google Assistant is probably why. This digital assistant is baked right into Google Allo, allowing users to ask anything they wish, whether when chatting with a friend or when there is no one to chat with.

You can ask about the nearest restaurant, gas station, or even ask it to set reminders for upcoming events. There is just a lot you can do with the Google Assistant right from within the Allo app – all you need is to key in the phrase @google and that’s it.

Google Allo

Smart Reply

Google Allo offers a great feature in the name of Smart Reply. This feature, like the name suggests, gives you smart suggestions of replies you can send to messages your friends sent you. This is like a chatbot that is able to analyze the messages sent to you and offer smart reply options based on what it has also learned from you. By hitting on any of the provided options, it will automatically be inserted into the text area, saving you the time you would have used to type a given answer.

However, be warned that Smart Reply is currently available in English only, at least for now.

Adjusting text size

In apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, one is usually forced to use bold format or capital letters when trying to emphasize something. Well, this is not bad at all, but Google Allo makes this even better by allowing users to adjust the size of letters in the text. Messenger only manages to increase the size of the thumbs-up emoji, but this just about it.

Simply tap and slide your finger down or up and the size of letters in your text will change accordingly. You can slide your finger to the left when you want to cancel the action. Cool huh!

Disappearing messages

We have seen this feature in apps such as Telegram and Snapchat, but having it on Google Allo is just another added advantage for those using the app. However, it is only available when using the app in incognito mode. Here, you will be able to set the amount of time you want a sent message to last in the recipient’s device. The duration ranges from 5 seconds to one week. When this in mode, there is no using Google Assistant and Smart Reply features.

Google Allo

A sticker store

WhatsApp may be the leading IM in the world in terms of usage, but it lacks on some aspects. Like Facebook Messenger, Google Allo comes with a sticker marketplace that packs a range of characters. There are three default sets, but users of Allo can get more stickers from this store for free.

What do you think about the new Google Allo app when compared to the rest of the competition?

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