Hidden Facebook Messenger Games That’ll Add Fun to Your Boring Chats

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Facebook Messenger is not just an app for sending messages and making calls to your friends, leave alone the bot side of the app. Rather, it has become an app that caters for all of your needs, including the entertainment side of things.

Of course, there is no denying the fact that there are volumes of games available for free downloading from the Google Play Store and even Apple’s App Store. However, not all smartphones have enough storage room to accommodate a dozen gaming apps at once. Furthermore, you may just be looking for a way to add some life to an otherwise text-based conversation you always have with your mates.

This is where the Facebook Messenger games come in and the good side of the story is that none of these games will require you to download and install anything. This means you get to play more games without eating into your current storage space. However, make sure you have updated to the latest version of Messenger, be it on Android or iOS.


Lovers of chess can now transfer their fun to Facebook Messenger by typing a simple code – @fbchess play – in the current chat window. This will bring up the game for you and your partner on the other end. Remember, it is only the initiator of the game that is allowed to make the first move as well as play White, but this default setting can be changed. In addition, making each move requires the prefix “@fbchess” to be employed. If you need help, just enter “@fbchess help.”

Facebook Messenger


If chess is not your thing, there is basketball for you. Once you start Facebook Messenger, get to the conversation with the person whom you want to play the game with. Select the basketball emoji and hit the send button. To launch the game, tap on the basketball emoji you just sent to your friend and you should see a basketball, as well as a hoop, show up. To play the game, simply flick the ball with your finger. You’ll definitely know when you make a basket (point) as happy emojis will show up on the screen. Vice versa is true.


For football (soccer) lovers, there is something cool for you as well. Facebook Messenger has an inbuilt soccer game that can be played between two people having a conversation on the app, just like the other two. Once you are into the conversation with your potential opponent, look for the football emoji and send it to this person. To start the game, tap on the sent emoji and then send it flying up the open screen.

Facebook Messenger

When you keep on tapping the orb repeatedly, the ball will keep on bouncing around the screen, something that might not be as easy as you think.

Why don’t you try out these Facebook Messenger games and get back to us with your experience via the comments section below?

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