Hike Messenger Updated With an In-Built Camera, Live Filters, and Stories Feature

Stories on Hike

The Hike Messenger has become a place for the Indian youth, where they can be themselves.

With more than 100 Million users, Hike is a testimonial to that fact. One of the main goals of the Hike Messenger for the year 2016 has been to make photos the center of attraction on Hike and with the launch of Stories and Live Filters, the India-based instant messaging network is just doing that. With an increasing access to faster and cheaper mobile data, the users are bound to love the new features on Hike including the Stories, Camera, and Live Filters. Hike Messenger, which is India’s very first homegrown messaging app, has introduced these three new features with an intention of a direct attack to the other instant messaging apps, especially its arch-rival Snapchat.

Hike Messenger

Stories on Hike Messenger

Stories have become a new way for the people to share their emotions and their everyday lives on many instant messaging and social networking sites. Just like the other social media sites, Hike has also introduced a Stories feature using which the users can share their expressions and lives through photos and videos. The Stories on Hike are similar to those on the other social networking sites, where they are ephemeral and expire after 48 hours of posting, exactly like it is in real life wherein people have to keep moving o rather than getting etched in the past. The users can share their lives and their real-time moments captured as photographs by posting them on Stories in the Hike Messenger. The video-sharing feature is not available currently but should be out soon in the next couple of weeks. A user who has posted a Story can see how many other people and also who all have viewed that particular Story.

Stories will be replacing what was earlier called the Timeline on the Hike Messenger, wherein the users were able to post their statuses and pictures which could be liked by their friends. These posts would then become a part of the historical Timeline. Stories on Hike has been essentially made for the Indian customers, ­­where many users are switching to a more visual form of communication while chatting, especially after the arrival of the 4G technology.

Stories on Hike

In-Built Camera

Hike has rolled out augmented reality on its messenger app by introducing an in-built camera. The launch of its very own camera built within the app will make it extremely easy and quick for the people who wish to snap pictures right inside of Hike. This saves time too wherein the users will not have to leave the Hike page in the middle of a conversation to open the device’s camera app, click a picture and then upload and share on Hike. They can just click the photo right there from Hike app by using the in-built camera and share it immediately without swapping the apps. The Camera has been termed as the new keyboard, where the users can express what they feel like in a more personalized way.

Live Filters

In addition to the Stories and the in-built camera, Hike announced ‘Live Filters’, which is a brand new feature that utilizes the new in-built Camera of Hike to detect and also recognize a user’s face automatically by using Machine Learning technology. It also allows people to very easily edit and decorate their faces in photos. The in-built camera of the Hike Messenger also comes with a filter for adding stickers, where the users can click their pictures, edit them, and adds the emojis or stickers they wish to on their photos and also doodle on them.

At the time of launch, Hike has arrived with 12 new Live Filters that range from a cool Black and White Sunglasses, to a Moustache and a Turban and more. Hike also has a filter which changes the user’s face taken in a picture on the app to the face of Ranveer Singh, the popular Bollywood actor and also to that of Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, as a way of honoring all the great work done by the Indian PM. Hike has said that it is still making plans to update these filters on a weekly basis so that the users are ensured to have new content which is very exciting.

The Founder and CEO of Hike Messenger said in the official blog post of Hike that the addition of the new Camera and the Live Filters on top of the Stories is what makes it a lot of fun. The CEO also said that the camera and stories are probably the most natural ways for us humans to communicate and express ourselves. The most interesting thing about this latest update is that Hike will now go along into the sphere of Augmented Reality wherein the world is moving from “Smartphones with Cameras” which just capture photographs, to the field of “Smartphones with Eyes” which can see moments in real-time. With the Live Filters being just the beginning of the new and exciting change on Hike, using this messaging app now should be a ton of fun.

Hike Live Filters

With the introduction of these three new amazing features on Hike Messenger, the users will now not just be able to click their pictures from their in-built Hike camera, but will also be able to edit and doodle them and add emojis and stickers to make them more personalized and also share them on Stories for others to see what they are up to. Well, looks like the Hike Messenger is also up for real competition in the instant messaging world by launching all the hot and in-trend features, which will definitely take the India-based messaging app up the charts at least by a single notch.

All the three new features on Hike, namely the including the Stories, Camera and Live Filters have already started to roll out across both, the Android and the iOS platforms.

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