Honda Civic Type R with 316 HP Sets New Lap Record, Beats Volkswagen Golf GTI’s Record

Honda Civic Type R

Every year, automobile manufacturers are supposed to beat their own records.

The Honda Civic Type R’s latest edition has just surpassed the records set by the outgoing model at the famous Nurburgring track.

The fastest cars on the planet are always introduced in the track where their performance will be tested and sometimes will also be compared against other models of the same class to find the best of the lot. The Honda Civic Type R has been holding this record for a very long time and has proven for the second time that it is the fastest model with a front wheel drive on this particular track.

Honda Civic Type R with 316 HP

With a powerful engine, the car can produce up to 316 horsepower and is the tenth generation model in the Honda hatchback family. The particular model made to replace the current Type R managed to run through a lap at the Nurburgring track in just 7 minutes 43 seconds. Based on these numbers, it looks like Honda has once again won the title from Volkswagen. The brand’s Golf GTI Clubsport S did the same but it was three seconds slower when compared to the new Civic, thus losing to a worthy opponent.

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Creating fast cars is quite an easy task because there are so many ways manufacturers could tweak the engine and set new records. The same course has been completed in a much lesser time with a development car that had a roll cage on top of it for added safety. However, what Honda has achieved is more prominent because the model is a production version that is going to hit stores by the end of the year. It also proves that it is a safe car that can be driven by the average person without any safety issues yet has managed to surpass some record time on a track.

Honda Civic Type R

The original Honda Civic Type R from the past completed the same Nurburgring lap in about seven minutes 50 seconds whereas the new model managed it accomplish it in just 7 minutes 43 seconds which is a whole 7 seconds less than the outgoing model making it the fastest Civic featuring a front wheel drive. Under the hood, the car is powered by a 2.0-liter four cylinder VTEC engine that produces 316 horsepower with up to 400 nM of torque. It is connected to a six speed manual gearbox and the front wheel drive makes it stand apart from the immediate competition.