How to Check a Property Without Visiting It?

Buying your first home is one of the most exciting things of your life. It gives you the satisfaction of being an owner of a real estate property. However, the complete process of visiting, analyzing, and closing the deal is the challenging part.  

If you want to avoid visiting a faraway property to check it out, we got you covered. Here you will find some effective methods that will help you check an address or property without even visiting it. If you are worried about the complicated process, worry no more. All the methods are easy, and you can use them without any background knowledge.

So let’s start with the first and the most effective way to do it.

Using Address Lookup Service

An address lookup is a service that lets you check the details of an address without even visiting it. These tools work with public information and give you all the details of a property online. All it takes is a simple search on the address lookup tool to access this information.

If you have never used an address lookup service, you can try using CocoFinder for the job. It will make it easier to find information and give you a free solution to do it. Another solution is ZabaSearch that has an advanced tool to find this information. You can check an address finder here >> to learn more about it.

How to Use Address Lookup Service? 

Here’s how you can do it.

Step1: Open CocoFinder’s Website

The first step is quite simple as you just need to open the website. You can either click on the introduction part where we added a direct link to its homepage. Or you can search it on Google or any other search engine and visit it through the search results. 

After opening the website, you will see the homepage similar to the above picture.

Step2: Enter Address On Address Lookup

The next step is to access address lookup tool. Once you are on the homepage, you will find a button- Address Lookup; click on the button, and it will redirect you to the service page of the address lookup tool. There, you will need to enter the address that you want to search for.

After entering the address, you can select the city and state where the address belongs to. You can keep this field empty. However, providing this information will make it easier to track.

Step3: Access Report

Once you hit the search button, it will start gathering all the information you want. The process may take a few minutes, depending on the information available in its database. Once the search is completed, you will get a report with all the information related to that address.

The report is usually divided into three parts to make it easily readable. 

That’s it. You can now check any address without even visiting it.

What Can I Find In an Address Lookup Report?

An address lookup report gives you information about the property, its owners & tenants, and the neighborhood. That is why they divide the report into three parts to make it easier. Here’ everything you can find on the address lookup report:

Owners/ Tenants Information

The first section gives you the complete records of people who owned that place or lived there. Also, you can access the public information of all these people, including their full names, phone numbers, ages, and criminal records. It means you do not need to search for their information separately.

The most exciting part of this report is the social media profile section. You can check the social media profiles of all the owners or tenants of that property. Thus, the section is quite important in different ways. 

Property Information

This section gives you the most important information that helps you know everything about a property. The report breaks down all the important information like the property’s surface area, layout, and mortgage information.

You can also check the market value of the property in the same section. All you need is to click on the second section to check the additional details. Based on the availability of information, you can check when the house was built there as well. 

Neighborhood Information

The last section concerns the neighborhood details, giving you an overview of living there. You can check if a criminal is living around that property to keep yourself protected from the offenders. It also shows you the average cost of a property to give you an idea of its real market value. There are many other things that you can check in this section. 

Method2: With Realtor’s Assistance

A realtor can give you the exact information about a property without you visiting it. All you need is to find the realtor dealing with that property and get the details from them. A lot of people prefer this method as it lets them talk to a person about the property. The only problem with the method is that the realtor may hide some details from you.

It happens when the details can negatively affect your decisions. Thus, your research can help you make a better decision.

Method3: Hire Someone 

You can use online websites like Fiverr and Freelancer to hire someone to visit a property on your behalf. The method is quite effective as you get an honest review of the property with complete details. You do not need to worry about the person giving you the wrong information as the complete interest of the person would be in the project itself.

Thus, you can consider this method as well. 

Final Words

Getting details of a property is no longer a challenge now. With the above three methods, you can easily get complete details of a property without visiting it. Using an online information finder gives you the freedom to know all the facts about a property. On the other hand, taking the assistance of a realtor gives you financial help as well.

Hiring a freelancer helps you take professional services from experienced researchers.

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