How to Use Puffin Browser on PC with NoxPlayer Emulator

Tired of using slow browsers? Time to level up with Puffin Browser! It provides users a wicked fast web experience on every device with its unparalleled loading speed. Let’s face it guys! All of us are tired of waiting for the page to load. Sure! Internet speed matters but so does your browser’s ability. But with Puffin Browser, speed up your web surfing and say goodbye to those annoying pop-up ads as this browser will block them for you.


Let’s discover some of the useful features of the Puffin Browser app.

#1. Fastest JavaScript Engine!

This browser has undeniably the fastest JavaScript engine not only for mobile device users but also for desktop users. And if you are a gamer, then you need this browser as it has theatre mode for Flash videos and games. But that’s not all! It also features a virtual trackpad and gamepad for a seamless gaming experience for its users. So, get ready to level up in your favorite games with Puffin Browser!

#2. Save Bandwidth!

Even the most resource-intensive web pages can load at amazing speeds now that data processing has been transferred from local devices to cloud servers. Puffin’s patented compression technology can save you up to 90% on bandwidth in the case of regular browsing. This is beneficial especially if your browsing usage is more than average.

#3. Cloud Avatar Technology!

With the Cloud avatar technology, the device’s workload is shifted to Puffin’s cloud servers which helps protect your devices by isolating web threats within the cloud. This system blocks malicious content from reaching you, providing your device top-tier security protection. Plus, with browsing encryption, you can safely use your devices on unsecured networks like public Wi-Fi.

#4. Available on Various Platforms!

Puffin Browser has you covered! Whether it is your mobile device or for your desktop, it has available modes for both. Some of the platforms that it is available on include Raspberry Pi, Windows 10, macOS, Android, iOS, as well as Android TV (Smart TV).

#5. Gamer Friendly!

Puffin is a gamer’s best friend. With wicked fast loading speed and theatre mode, it also offers users a virtual keyboard, mouse, and gamepad. Playing flash games will be a flawless experience for gamers as configuring controls to your exact preference is feasible with this browser. It’s time you shift to using your mobile devices instead of gaming console. After all, you can’t carry the latter everywhere you go!


Puffin Browser is available for free download from the Google Play Store, but it requires a premium subscription to use. Users can try this browser for free for one hour every day, sponsored by ads, to see if it meets their needs and is worth the premium membership.

That ends the list of features that are available in the Puffin Browser. Using this app on your Android devices can surely boost the browsing speed, but using the Puffin Browser PC app can boost your browsing speed on a computer and laptop as well. Let me explain to you with a step-by-step guide on how to use Puffin Browser on PC.

How to Get Puffin Browser on Your PC?

A reliable Android emulator like Nox Player can be used to get Puffin Browser on a PC without any hassles.

  1. Download and install Nox Player from its official website or any trusted third-party website.
  2. Launch the Nox Player and head over to the Google Play Store from the home screen to sign in using your Google account.
  3. Now search for Puffin Browser in the Play Store and click on the Install button to download it on your PC.
  4. Once done, you can now enjoy using Puffin Browser on your PC with the fastest browsing speed!

Needless to say, browsers that use more RAM and heavy CPU resources are not worth it anymore! It’s time to change your choices and get a better companion for your daily needs, just like Puffin Browser!

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