HTC 10 Receives a New $150 Price Cut for Unlocked Device

HTC 10

The HTC 10 happens to be one of the biggest puzzles in the North American smartphone segment.

Despite having a plethora of top features, it has not managed to hit any respectable figure in the sales department. HTC had to do something about their device, and it came in the form of a price cut. The phone has received a price cut in the region of $150 to make it more attractive. Right now, it is available for just $549. It remains to be seen if this price cut will work in favor of the phone, as it was originally available for $700.

HTC 10

It is not the first time that the HTC 10 is available on discount. The phone was available with a $100 discount not too long ago and it is highly likely that the latest discounts will not stay around for long. It should be remembered that the phone has been plagued with stock availability and low interest since its launch. T-Mobile was even forced to stop sales of the phone citing lack of interest from buyers. The HTC 10 came out early this year and it marks a return for the Boom sound speakers that have been so popular.

The presence of a snapdragon 820 processor from Qualcomm ensures top of the range performance on the device. There is also 4 GB of RAM on board, thus placing it in the league of the phones like Samsung Galaxy S7. The lack of 6 GB of RAM may be felt on occasions especially by those who have been used to this addictive amount of RAM on the OnePlus 3. The processor coupled with the RAM is also essential for the device to have a QHD resolution on the 5.2-inch screen. It is on display on the smaller side considering that phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – with a 5.5-inch screen or more – are becoming increasingly popular.


The phone offers 32 GB of storage but it can be expanded using microSD cards. The presence of USB Type-C port and a reasonably healthy 3000 mAh battery make the current price cuts extremely attractive. There are few phones at this price range which can offer such top of the range specifications without compromising on aspects like design and build quality. HTC has been facing a lot of troubles with regard to sales over the last few years and HTC 10 was expected to be a savior.

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