HTC 10 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7: 4 Reasons to Get the HTC 10 and not the S7

HTC 10 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7

HTC 10 is out and it is here to rival Samsung Galaxy S7. Although it won’t go on official sale until early next month, preorders are already available.

Given that the HTC 10 is a serious contender for the best flagship phone in 2016, it comes with flagship features that include a Snapdragon 820 SoC, 4GB RAM, a very decent 12MP Ultrapixel camera on the rear and a front-facing 5MP camera fitted with optical image stabilization.

Boasting a QHD display panel for the first time on a device that is meant to ship to global markets, the HTC 10 is equipped with a number of features that will make it a worthy choice when compared to the much-hyped Galaxy S7. Despite the fact that Samsung brought back water and dust resistance as well as expandable storage, HTC 10 still has four features that the South Korean company did not include in its flagship.

Top-notch selfie camera

As mentioned earlier, HTC 10 comes with a front-facing sensor of 5MP. In addition to packing an aperture of f/1.8, this Ultrapixel snapper also comes with optical image stabilization. This is not available on the Galaxy S7 and it means the 10 will give better selfies in low-light conditions, even with the heaviest of movements.

HTC 10

Metal rear

Samsung Galaxy S7 went for glass on the rear. This can be messy when it comes to retaining fingerprints or even slippery in some hands. As far as the HTC 10 is concerned, the rear retains the all-metal design that has dominated the company’s previous phones. You will even get a huge bevel on the same rear and there is no doubt that this all-metal metal design is cooler than ever.

Dual-band Hi-Fi speakers

HTC is famous for its BoomSound speakers that debuted with HTC One M7. Although the new HTC 10 leaves behind this tradition, it comes with re-imagined BoomSound technology. The dual front-facing speakers have been separated where one is at the bottom end and the other at the top end. The upper speaker, which also doubles as the earpiece, will take the role of the tweeter. The bottom speaker takes care of the lows, eventually producing an audio sound like that from a dual-band Hi-Fi speaker.

A near-stock Android experience

Many Android OEMs have been accused of including heavy customizations on top of the stock Android OS. Samsung is one of them with its heavy customizations courtesy of the TouchWiz UI. Although the South Korean tech giant has been working to trim down this skin, HTC has done a lot better with the HTC 10. The latest Sense 8.0 UI is very light and it is basically near the stock Android OS. HTC eliminated a number of in-house apps in favor of Google’s, thus streamlining the experience the experience with that of the stock Android OS right from the box.

HTC 10 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7

As opposed to Samsung Galaxy S7, you will no longer see two web browsers, two emails apps, two calendar apps and so on as far as the HTC 10 is concerned.

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  1. Not to mention the HTC can be bootloader unlocked. Glood luck on getting that with the Samsung S7.

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