HTC Ocean Master, Note and Smart Flagship Phones to Lose 3.5mm Jack, All Physical Buttons

HTC Ocean series

With the dawn of 2017, HTC is taking a big leap with Ocean series smartphones by removing the 3.5mm headphone jack and all physical buttons on these models.

According to online reports, the HTC Ocean Series smartphones comprise of the Ocean Master, Ocean Note and Ocean Smart all of them with varying specifications and price tag. The flagship models will sport QHD and HD displays with the latest Snapdragon processor, or probably Mediatek but what they won’t sport is a 3.5mm audio jack.

HTC Ocean series

Following the footsteps of Apple, all major manufacturers will plunge into the new technology making all existing high end headphones obsolete. It might take more time for desktop and laptop PCs to get rid of the jack because they always provide multiple ports. However, the same cannot be said about mobile phones because they lack space and removing the large port could help integrate new components.

While this doesn’t come as a surprise as Apple did it already, HTC plans to remove all physical buttons from the smartphone. The Ocean series devices will not have a power button, volume button and no home button. There is no word on fingerprint sensor but this is a huge leap for the industry. HTC will integrate all basic functions on the touchscreen with pressure sensitivity and 3D touch. A big player like Apple is yet to pull of this stunt but if HTC Ocean phones do it, it could be a technology breakthrough in 2017.

HTC Ocean

With ample space, we expect the phone to sport bigger battery for long lasting power. Manufacturers are supposed to invent ways to make these smart devices run for a week but instead they are focusing on making it thinner and removing hardware buttons. It might change very little in terms of usability.


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