HTC ‘Sailfish’ Specs – Following the LG Nexus 5X – Juicy Details for HTC Fans

HTC Sailfish Specs


Sailfish is the codename of the upcoming HTC phone, which is the next in line following the LG Nexus 5X.

The name Sailfish almost confirms the news because all the Nexus phones are given similar sea creature names.

SailfishNew HTC dubbed

The latest report brings in some juicy details regarding the specifications of the upcoming HTC device. The Nexus One was made by HTC, but there were no other Nexus devices made by HTC after that. The Taiwanese company is said to produce the successor to the 5X with this new ‘Sailfish’ device.

Leaked Specs

The new HTC device will come with a 5 inches screen and have a resolution of 1080 pixels. It will be powered by a quad core, 2.0 GHz CPU and comes with a RAM of 4 GB. The battery has a capacity of 2770 mAh, which is a little bigger than the one in the Nexus 5X. The device will have an internal storage of 32 GB. However, there might be other configuration versions as well. The rear camera has a 12 MP resolution and the front camera has an 8 MP resolution. There is a fingerprint scanner mounted on the rear of the device. HTC usually places the sensor beneath the phone display, resulting in a big chin.  The phone also comes with a USB, Type C port. The speakers are bottom firing and the headphone jack is mounted on top. The Bluetooth version on the device is 4.2.

HTC Sailfish Specs Following LG Nexus 5X

Rumors of Two Models

There is also a rumor claiming that Huawei is making the other higher end version of the Nexus device. On the other hand, some reports have it that HTC is making the two Nexus versions for this year. Considering the line up of contradictory rumors, we have to wait and watch the pure Android devices this year. Plans have not been finalized though the Nexus season is nearing. Google normally has a dual device lineup every year, so it is expected that the company will stick to the same pattern.


The two devices that HTC is to be making are 5 inches and 5.5 inches. The first is codenamed Sailfish and the other one Marlin. The 5 inches one is the smaller of the two devices and it will come with specs mentioned above. This will offer a decent upgrading from the Nexus 5X and is therefore considered as its successor. This news report along with the leaks regarding the specifications of the upcoming HTC Nexus phone has been sourced from Android Police.

Appearance and Design

There are no details regarding the design or the appearance of the two phones, nor any details regarding the bigger model. The specs that have been leaked are not very surprising, considering that this will be an upgraded device to be released later on this year.

A Summer Release for Android N?

Android N is likely to be released this summer, so it is quite likely that the Nexus phones for this year will come out rather soon.

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