HTC U Ultra will be Available to Preview on Feb. 21 and Feb. 28 in San Francisco and New York

HTC U Ultra

The HTC U Ultra is seen by the Taiwanese company as the ultimate smartphone for 2017 – or at least the first half of 2017 – and to make sure that it achieves this status, the company has been busy hyping the handset via different media platforms.

We’ve seen lots of beautiful statements about the HTC U Ultra on the company’s official Twitter handle, but it seems the HTC now wants you to have a real-life experience by interacting with the phone before you probably think of buying it.

The HTC U Ultra is available for pre-orders in the U.S. for $749.00 and it comes as an unlocked model capable of working with either AT&T or T-Mobile, but this doesn’t mean other GSM carriers are left out. If you happen to pre-order the phone right now, it should be able to reach you somewhere after mid-March, but before you do so, there is a chance for you to preview the phone at two major events the company will be hosting.

The event has been baptized HTC Fan Meetup and so far, it will be happening on two separate occasions. The first is going down in two days’ time, starting February 21 at 6 PM and runs all the way to 8 PM. This event will be held in San Francisco at the Azucar Lounge and so far, close to 40 people have expressed interest in attending the event.

HTC U Ultra

If this coming Tuesday is too soon for you, there is still a chance to go and preview the HTC U Ultra a week later on February 28, which is next week Tuesday. Like this week’s event, those attending the next event will be required to be there by 6 PM and it will also last for two hours. However, this time you’ll have to be in New York City’s The Brooklyner in order to preview the U Ultra.

For those who’ll be thirsty and feel like grabbing a snack, drinks and light snacks will be on the house – and so will be the hardware to be previewed. If willing to preview the HTC U Ultra, you can RSVP at any of the links above.

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