Huawei Honor 6X Gets as Low as $149, LG G6, Nokia 6 and Others Discounted

Huawei Honor 6X Gets as Low as $149

The holiday season sale is always the best time to stock up on all your required gadgets, especially smartphones.

The Huawei Honor 6X, Nokia 6 among many top flagship phones from 2016 as well this year are being sold for heavy discounts.

When the pricing is as low as the ones mentioned here, you would possibly want to upgrade your smartphone, buy a secondary device or use the discount to buy a couple of gifts for your loved ones during the Christmas season.Flagship phones like the iPhone X and Galaxy S8 are all cool but spending more than $800 or $1000 (Apple) is an expensive game for most users.

Huawei Honor 6X Gets as Low as $149, , LG G6, Nokia 6 and Others Discounted

Majority of the budget conscious buyers would consider skipping the models. For those, the devices listed here are an able pick as they are more than capable of handling everyday tasks and powerful enough to handle any demanding games or apps you might throw at it.

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Phones as Low as $199 with Flagship Specs

The big reason why you might go with an Honor 6X or the LG G6 is that they were actually flagship phones a couple of months ago. But, when the new devices landed, they were pushed off the shelves but are still as good as any current launch. The G6 and G6+ are the best of the lot. They pose amazing hardware specifications and are available for $399 and $449.99 respectively.

The pricing comes with a discount of $350 making it the best deal in a long time. Even though, the new LG G7 smartphone is out and available for purchase in stores, the flagship which is a year old now isn’t that bad to complain about. They also sport near bezel less design with the latest processor and ample RAM to keep it snappy at all times.

Huawei Honor 6X Gets as Low as $149, , LG G6

For those who are on a tight budget or would like to gift a smartphone to their family, the Nokia 6 is the cheapest of the pick. The phone costs just $149.99 and the 32GB model has the right processing capacity for everyday tasks. Close in the line is the Moto E Plus 32GB model at $199.99 and the Moto G Plus 64GB edition which is now selling for $199.99 with a cool $100 discount of its official pricing.

The Huawei Honor 6X which is one of the best smartphones of the year also sells for a low-price tag of $149.99 with a 25 percent discount.

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