Huawei Honor 8 Android Nougat Tests Begin with EMUI 5.0 Beta

Huawei Honor 8 vs S7 Edge

Huawei Honor 8 users can happily make the switch from Android Marshmallow to the latest Android 7.0 Nougat, but this update is still in beta.

The latest Android Nougat OS has been here since August and even though Huawei is just beginning tests, the OEM is still among the first to avail the update to non-Google phones. History is not on the Chinese company’s side as far as rolling out software updates are concerned, however, there seems to be a new beginning for the company, but in a strange way.

In order to get the latest Android Nougat and the company’s new EMUI 5.0 skin installed on your Huawei Honor 8, like many other OEMs, you need to register to the beta program. However, unlike other companies which have launched their own beta programs, Huawei is working together with XDA in availing the latest OS to Honor 8 users.

This means that in order to be considered for the latest Android Nougat on your Huawei Honor 8, you need to visit the official XDA Developers forum. Both models of the Honor 8 are in contention for a spot – FRD-L04 and FRD-L02, but you will still have to fill a Google Form before you get into the program.

Like other Android Nougat updates, the latest version for Huawei Honor 8 adds performance improvements, a simpler UX as well as much improved security features, among other Android Nougat improvements.

Huawei Honor 8

Huawei recently launched the Mate 9 phablet. This phone comes preinstalled with the latest Android -Nougat OS, which also includes the same EMUI 5.0 skin. It is the second major non-Google company to launch a Nougat-powered phone after LG beat the search engine giant to the crown with its V20 phablet that started hitting the market towards the end of September.

With Huawei Honor 8 having already confirmed to be receiving the update, it only remains to be seen when the stable version will start rolling out to this device, alongside others such as Huawei Mate 8 and Huawei P9, hopefully, it won’t be long.

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